Volume 3 Issue 02 Feb 2015


Title: A Clinical Study to See the Relationship Between CNS Tuberculosis and Various Demographic Factors in a Population Attending a Tertiary Hospital in Northern India

Authors: Basharat Mubeen, Mohsin Ul Rasool, Sajad Hamid, Sheefa Haq, Rumana Hameed, Nayal Khursheed, Khalil M Baba

Paper Index:  02.2015-75891893


Title: Implant Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) using Modified Pawar Implant

Authors: Dr M D Pawar

Paper Index:  02.2015-52255253


Title: Roth Spots – A Case Report

Authors: Mukul B M, Kanthamani K, Narendra P Datti, Sugaranjini G

Paper Index:  02.2015-47183932


Title: Incidence and Evaluation of Congenital Malformations in Victoria Govt. Hospital Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Authors: Dr. R. Subhashini, Dr. N. Uma, Dr. Neeraja

Paper Index:  02.2015-76271117


Title: Effect of Radiotherapy on Oxidative Stress and Serum Adenosine Deaminase Levels in Carcinoma Cervix   Patients

Authors: Vasundhara Devi. I., Sujatha. C., Helena Rajakumari. J.

Paper Index:  02.2015-52193126


Title: Study of Blood Pressure in Medical Students in Kolkata and Its Variation with BMI, Waist Circumference, Waist-To-Hip Ratio and Waist-To-Height Ratio

Authors: Dr Sagarika Sarkar, Dr Md Mahboob Alam, Dr Biman Ray, Dr Gautam Chaudhuri

Paper Index:  02.2015-75923452


Title: Steroid Use in Tourniquet Paralysis

Authors: Dr. Yash Shah, Dr. Rohan  Khavte,  Dr. Srinivas Shintre,  Dr. Vikas Rokade

Paper Index:  02.2015-79245767


Title: Omental Prolapse Presenting 72 Hours after Delivery. Delayed Manifestation or Delayed Presentation: An Enigma

Authors: Dr Dalia Rafat, Dr Zehra Mohsin

Paper Index:  02.2015-11249182


Title: Comparative Study of Complications in Routine Phacoemulsification Procedure and Bimanual Phacoemulsification (Micro-phaco)

Authors: Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagade, Dr. Sudha Sutaria, Dr. Nitin Dhok, Dr. Vikas Mahatme, Dr. Chitra Pande

Paper Index:  02.2015-22721226


Title: A Prospective study of fixation of lateral end Clavicle with Tension band Wiring

Authors: Ramprasad Rallapalli, Ankur Mittal, Siva Prasad Y, Kumar Babu B.L.S.

Paper Index:  02.2015-53816732


Title: Correlation between Histopathological Type and Grade of Different Ovarian Tumors with Their Blood CA125 Levels

Authors: Dr. Samir Kumar Roy, Kusumita Mandal, Kamalika Mandal

Paper Index:  02.2015-25788412


Title: Study of Functional Outcome of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair using Caspari Technique in Recurrent Anterior Shoulder dislocation

Authors: Ramprasad Rallapalli, Vidyasagar J.V.S, Ankur Mittal, Anil Kumar D, Subrahmanyam B, Bhartah Reddy, Praveen Kumar

Paper Index:  02.2015-85919361


Title: Molecular Genetic Confirmatory Testing for the Sickle cell Anaemia Using Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism  (RFLP) in Sudan

Authors: Nadia, M . M., Shamseldein. H. Ahmed, Galal, M. Yousif

Paper Index:  02.2015-95574476


Title: Maternal and Fetal Outcome in Cases of Oligohydramnios Diagnosed By Ultrasonography after 34 Weeks of Gestation

Authors: Dr Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee

Paper Index:  02.2015-68485551


Title: Hemichorea: A Rare Manifestation of Acute Rheumatic Fever

Authors: Rajesh Rai, Pallavi Gahlowt, Keya Lahiri, Anand Bhattar, Fehmida Najmuddin

Paper Index:  02.2015-32573913


Title: Comparative  Study  of  Functional  Outcome of Compression  Plating  and  Interlocking  Nailing  for  Fracture  Shaft  Humerus  In  Adults

Authors: Dr. Akshay H. Shah, Dr. Amit B. Dhond, Dr. Mishil S. Parikh, Prof. R. G. Khedekar, Prof. Sunil H. Shetty

Paper Index:  02.2015-25194484


Title: Study of Urinary Stones by Making Chemical Analysis in the eastern Region of Uttar Pradesh in India

Authors: Dharmveer Sharma, Poonam Gupta, Narendra N

Paper Index:  02.2015-51133517


Title: Evaluation of Lasik in Correction of Myopia

Authors: Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagade, Dr. Sudha Sutaria, Dr. Atul Borkar, Dr. Vikas Mahatme,  Dr. Chitra Pande

Paper Index:  02.2015-43989116


Title: Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome: A Rare Case In Children

Authors: Dr.Vijay Baburao Sonawane, Dr.V.A Kotrashetti, Dr.Mumtaz Shariff, Dr. Kapil Bainade, Dr.Ajay Harit

Paper Index:  02.2015-33499966


Title: IFN-γ A/T Alleles Frequency Among Anti Toxoplasma IgG Seropositive and Seronegative Pregnant Women.

Authors: Abdelhaleem A A, Hershan A A, Ageely H M, Abdelmoula A M, Aysha Alvi, Elhassan I M.

Paper Index:  02.2015-76868434


Title; Influence of Handgrip Exercise on Intraocular Pressure

Authors: Ezhilnila.S, Prince.J.Samuel, Shyamala.R

Paper Index:  02.2015-72927944


Title: Isolated Fracture of the Trapezium : A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Rajendraprasad. R. Butala, Dr. Mishil S. Parikh, Prof. Sunil H. Shetty, Prof. R. G. Khedekar

Paper Index:  02.2015-96646121


Title: Study of Retinol Binding Protein 4 Level in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients and Correlate its Level with the Antiviral Therapy

Authors: Ghada A. Salem, Heba F. Pasha

Paper Index:  02.2015-78278643


Title: Bilateral Symmetrical Idiopathic Multiple Pigment Epithelial Detachments (IMPED); Visual Deterioration Following Confluence of Central Macular Lesions:  A Case Report

Authors: Prakash Kumar, Prashant Bhusan, R.P.Maurya, M.K.Singh, V.P.Singh, G.S.Patnaik

Paper Index:  02.2015-83291393


Title: A Retrospective Study of Appendicitis as a Cause for Acute Abdomen in Dengue Fever

Authors: Dr. K.Ravichandran, Dr. R.Ramesh, Dr. K.C.M.Rajkumar


Title: Incidence of Early Onset Septicemia, Isolation and Resistant Patterns of Causative Organisms: A Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital A.P. (Original Research Paper)

Authors: Muni Lakshmi Ponugoti, M.Venkatakrishna, K.Jithendra, P.Sreenivasulu Reddy    

Paper Index:  02.2015-97781658


Title: Influence of BMI in Pulmonary Function Test in Diabetic Subjects

Authors: S. Latha, R. Sanjay Andrew, R. Shaymala, S. Brinda

Paper Index:  02.2015-35342533


Title: Curing Role of Underutilized Plants at Household Level

Authors: Dayal Bhawana, Singh Neetu

Paper Index:  02.2015-54119633


Title: To Make a Definitive Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Snorers by Polysomnography Attending A Tertiary Care Hospital (Research Study)

Authors: Dr. M.Umar Majid, Dr. Sangeeta, Dr. Ibrar Bashir Shirazi, Dr. Sajad 

Paper Index:  02.2015-22461573


Title: A Rare Variant of Prostate Cancer in a Young Adult Male of Asian Origin

Authors: Dr Piyush Gupta, Dr Uday S Dadhwal

Paper Index:  02.2015-96423856


Title: Study the Effects of Lead on Thyroid Functions in Alexandria Occupationally Exposed Workers

Authors: Aliaa Ali Elaghoury, Mohammed Rezk, Eman Zaki Azzam, Mohammed EL shafei, Faten Mohammed

Paper Index:  02.2015-96423856


Title: A Clinical Study on Ocular Manifestations of Leprosy

Authors: Dr. M. Premanandam, Dr. G. Narendranatha Reddy

Paper Index:  02.2015-46561936


Title: Evaluation of Intravaginal Misoprostol for Cervical Priming in First Trimester

Authors: Dr Sharan J Pal, Dr Usha Sadashivan, Shilpa Mulki, Jagadevi S       

Paper Index:  02.2015-82795853   


Title: Study of the Role of Plating In Fractures of Distal One-Third of Humerus Via Posterior Approach

Authors: Dr.Partap Singh, Dr.Nishant Choudhary, Dr.Mohit Bansal, Dr.Vishant Gawri

Paper Index:  02.2015-83546827


Title: Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy for Undiagnosed Abdominal Pain

Authors: Dr. Natarajan Ramalingam, Dr. Loganathan Mannu, Dr. Habeeb Mohammed Shajahan, Dr. Karunanithi Ramaiah

Paper Index:  02.2015-78833239


Title: Incidence of Color Blindness among State Junior High School 1 Medan Students in 2014

Authors: Nurchaliza Hazaria  Siregar, Annisa Nidya Rahmatika Sitepu

Paper Index:  02.2015-27254259


Title: Anti- Inflammatory Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on Tissue Injury (By Using C - reactive protein)

Authors: Dr. Hareth. H. Kaskos, Dr Jiyar M.Naji Mohammed

Paper Index:  02.2015-35532934


Title: Antiseptic Vaginal Preparation before Cesarean Delivery to Reduce Post Operative Infection: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Authors: Dr Jayanta Kumar Nandi, Dr Dipta Prasun Saha, Dr Sangita Pal, Dr Sougata Barman, Dr Anirban Mitra

Paper Index:  02.2015-91484279


Title: Comparative Study of Efficacy of Ciprofloxacin and Ceftriaxone in Typhoid Fever

Authors: Dr. M. Usha Rani, Dr. Ch. Jhansivani

Paper Index:  02.2015-97168979


Title: Bone Turnover Markers in Post Menopausal Osteoporosis- A Case Control Study

Authors: Madhavi Latha.N, Suresh Reddy.S, Sujatha.C, Helena Rajakumari.J, Vasundhara Devi.I

Paper Index:  02.2015-96252841


Title: Two Sides of a Face is not Equal – A Case Study

Authors: Dr Surjeet Sahoo, Mrs. Snehalata Choudhury

Paper Index:  02.2015-61753581


Title: A Scenario: How Much Trainee Nurses Knows about the Breast Cancer and Breast Self Examination?

Authors:  Mrs. Farha Azmi, Dr Munawwar Husain

Paper Index:  02.2015-32626184


Title: To Study the Prevalence of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease among Overweight and Obese Persons Undergoing Preventive Health Checkups in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Smita Gupta, Tanvi Sood, Neeraj Kapoor, AB Mowar, Piyush Keriwal, Pranesh Nigam

Paper Index:  02.2015-25418539


Title: A Case Report: An Accessory Mental Foramen

Authors: Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shukla, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dixit, Dr. Sajjad Jafer Khan

Paper Index:  02.2015-67231597


Title: Bacteriological and Haematological Profile of Neonatal Sepsis in Rural Teaching Hospital in Central India

Authors: Vijay C. Ambade, Ankit O. Gupta, Jagdish Z. Pakhare, Sanjay S. Joshi

Paper Index:  02.2015-74454285


Title: Bone Mineral Density and Fracture Risk Assessment in Type II Diabetic Patients

Authors: Saima Ejaz, Shireen Jawed, Nagah M. Abo-ElFetoh, Atif Mahmood, Hafeezullah Wazeer

Paper Index:  02.2015-27367964


Title: Case Report: Management of Hemophilia-A for B/L TKR

Authors: Dr Parshuram Chauhan, Dr Ravinder Dhanerwa, Dr H. K. Mahajan

Paper Index:  02.2015-72397492


Title: Thermal Blast Injury in Child: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Authors: Dr.Vijay Baburao Sonawane, Dr.Veeranna Kotrashetti, Dr.Parag Bhole, Dr.Ananta Kulkarni

Paper Index:  02.2015-25388613


Title: Cost Effective Analysis: Updated Thai Red Cross Intradermal Regimen in Animal Bite Cases

Authors: Amol R. Patil, Sankhe Lalit R., Chhaya Rajguru, Swapnali Kadam

Paper Index:  02.2015-92761646


Title: Multiple Maxillary Tuberosity Exostosis

Authors: Khurshid Mattoo, Krati Jain

Paper Index:  02.2015-88277849


Title: Designing a Cast Partial Denture for Patients with Open Bite

Authors: Khurshid Mattoo,  Neha Garg,  Lakshya Yadav

Paper Index:  02.2015-27386353


Title: Speech Enhancing Prosthesis for Acquired Cleft Palate

Authors: Khurshid Mattoo, Krati Jain

Paper Index:  02.2015-15769777


Title: Apprehensions Associated With Wearing of Cast Partial Denture

Authors: Khurshid Mattoo, Neha Garg, Lakshya Yadav

Paper Index:  02.2015-94811946


Title: A Comparative Study on Use of Intracervical Dinoprostone Gel and Intravaginal Misoprostol for Cervical Ripening and Induction of Labour

Authors: Dr. Rathindra Nath Ray, Dr. Nupur Nandy, Dr. Teesta Banerjee, Dr. Prosenjit Das

Paper Index:  02.2015-61957748


Title: Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor of Pancreas a Case Report

Authors:Dr. Rahulkumar N Chavan, Dr. Jayant Pednekar,Dr. Tushar L Pawar

Paper Index:  02.2015-57264961


Title: A Rare Case of Cyclops Deformity From India 

Authors: Lavina Chaubey, Nisha Rani Agrawal, Swati Verma

Paper Index:  02.2015-92579921


Title: Clinical Study of Visual Out Come of  Lens Induced Glaucomas

Authors: Dr.G.Narendranatha Reddy, Dr.M. Premanandam, Dr.G. Sudha

Paper Index:  02.2015-66316235


Title: Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Infection in Field Practice Area of Government Medical College, Srinagar Kashmir: A Community Based Cross-sectional Study

Authors: Irfa Naqshbandi, Iftikhar H Munshi, Syed Yasir Qadri, Nighat Bashir, Nighat Yasmeen

Paper Index:  02.2015-27197436


Title: Medico Legal Advice to the Distressed Fetus – Now A Child

Authors: Dr Mohd Asrarul Haque, Dr Md Mojahid Anwar, Dr Faiz Ahmad, Prof. Munawwar Husain, Prof. J A Usmani 

Paper Index:  02.2015-95311626


Title: Intracranial Hemorrhage in Dengue Fever; A Case Series

Authors: Jitendra Singh, Anju Dinkar, Virendra Atam, Ravi Misra, Saurabh Kumar, Kamlesh K Gupta, ML Patel

Paper Index:  02.2015-26896278


Title: An unusual Presentation of MayerRokitansky-Kuster  Hauser Syndrome with Rectovaginal Fistula

Authors: Dr Dalia Rafat, Dr Imam Bano, Dr Shaheen

Paper Index:  02.2015-92686991


Title: Role of P53 As A Tumour Marker

Authors: Dr Rupinder Kaur Multani

Paper Index:  02.2015-88382374


Title: Evaluation of Causes of Permanent Visual Impairment in Bastar District of Chhattisgarh

Author: Dr. Pranda Shukla

Paper Index:  02.2015-64412918


Title: Robertsonian Translocation – An Indication for Prenatal Diagnosis

Authors: Shabana Borate, Prasad Kulkarni, Suresh Gangane

Paper Index:  02.2015-95191276


Title: Correlation between Anthropometric Measurements and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Healthy Young Adults 

Authors: Vinaya Vijayan, Dr.N.C.Sebastian

Paper Index:  02.2015-39161161


Title: Anti-Angiogenic Effect of Caryota Urens Fruits Extract on the Fin of Zebrafish

Authors: Vikram Shokin Bafna, Sughandha G. Chaudhari, Neethu R, Rajendra Patil, Mukesh C., Geeta B

Paper Index:  02.2015-22262277


Title: Hereditary Spherocytosis – A Case Report

Authors: Wasim M Khatib, Sunil V. Jagtap, Pankti M Patel, Saket Kumar, Tasneem V Bisht, Dhiraj Kumar Shukla

Paper Index:  02.2015-42729742


Title: Multifocal Bowen’s Disease Arising from Psoriatic Lesions – A Rare Case Report

Authors: Priya Banthavi Sivasubramanian, Balasubramani Arumugam, Manimegalai Singaram

Paper Index: 02.2015-98438696


Title: Hypoglycemic Activity of Bridelia Stipularis on Combination of High Fat Diet and STZ Induced Diabetic Rats

Authors: Neethu R, Sugandha G Chaudhari, Vikram Bafna, Rajendra Patil, Mukesh Kumar Chavan,  Geeta Basaiye

Paper Index:  02.2015-84937657


Title: Giant Cell Tumour of the Tenosynovium - An Unusual Cause for Locking of the Knee Joint

Authors: Dr. Buchupalli Bharath Reddy, Dr. P.Chandrasekhar, Dr. Srikanth R.V, Dr. Rohit Inuganti, Dr. Mohan Babu.L

Paper Index:  02.2015-31729361


Title: Media Optimization For Lovastatin Production by Statistical Approach Using Aspergillus terreus by Submerged Fermentation

Authors: Umesh Luthra, Nishtha Singh, Archana Tripathi, Sejal Vora, Vrushali Bhosle

Paper Index:  02.2015-29265929


Title:  Artisan Phakic IOL in Myopia – How Useful Is It? 

Authors: Dr. Vikas Mahatme, Dr. Sudha Sutaria, Dr. Atul Borkar, Dr. Chitra Pande, Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagade

Paper Index:  02.2015-64575357


Title: Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability and Electrocardiogram Changes in Chronic Alcoholics

Authors: Kusuma. R, Fazal M Gahlot, Nagaraja Puranik

Paper Index:  02.2015-81486635


Title: Impact of Fluconazole Prophylaxis on Oral Mucositis and Nutrition Status of Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy 

Authors: Manal Hamed El-Hamamsy, Elbassiouny M, Azza El Sayed Mansy, Marwa Helmy Abd El-Aziz

Paper Index:  02.2015-28332876


Title: Effect of Adding Dexmedetomidine to Ropivacaine for Transversus Abdominis Plane Block: A Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial

Authors: Dr Rati Prabha, Dr Rajesh Raman, Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Dheer Singh

Paper Index:  02.2015-57555431


Title: Acute inversion of Uterus:  Our Experience

Authors: Dr. K.S.Raja Kumari, Dr. Nandini

Paper Index:  02.2015-17854131


Title: Fungal Infection in Paediatric Cancer Patients of a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

Authors: Anju Dinkar, Gopa Banerjee, Archana Kumar, Prashant Gupta, Mastan Singh, Jitendra Singh

Paper Index:  02.2015-37489696


Title: Dyslipidemia in Patients of Psoriasis

Authors: B.K.Agrawal, Payasvi Baweja, Shreyansh Tiwari

Paper Index:  02.2015-42985828


Title: A Correlation between Glycosylated Haemoglobin & Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with & Without Complications

Authors: Dr. Prabhakar Singh Bais, Dr. Prabha Verma, Dr. Priyanka Chauhan

Paper Index:  02.2015-89336533


Title: Posterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome Due to Parosteal Lipoma of Proximal Radius-A Rare Case Report

Author: Dr Sanjai Kumar Singh

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