Volume 3 Issue 01 Jan 2015


Title: Role of Maxillary Canines in Sex Determination in Northern Central Region of India

Authors: Dr. Sajjad Jafer Khan, Dr. Ranjan Dixit, Dr S.K Agarwal, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Shukla

Paper Index:  01.2015-84977211


Title: Prevalence and Risk Factors of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Authors: Singh A.K., Sinha N., Jha S.,Jaiswal P.,Kumar I.

Paper Index:  01.2015-55416744


Title: An Assosciation of Diabetic Retinopathy with Serum Lipids Level – A Study

Authors: Dr. Preeti Rawat, Dr. Divya Patel, Dr. Sachin Tammannavar, Dr. Ulka Srivastava, Dr.Vijay Bhaisare, Dr. Narmada Prasad Tiwari

Paper Index:  01.2015-27511839


Title: Pseudo-Exfoliation Syndrome – Correlation of Preoperative Axial Length, Pupillary Diameter, Lens Thickness and Intra Operative Complications During Phacoemulsification

Authors: Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagde, Dr. Pramod Chipure, Dr. Vikas Mahatme, Dr. Chitra Pande, Dr. M.D Pawar

Paper Index:  01.2015-82441651


Title: Dimon and Hughston Osteotomy with D.H.S Fixation in the Management of Unstable Trochanteric Fractures of Hip

Authors: Dr.K.Venkateswarlu, Dr.M.Nagaraju, Dr.Kotesh

Paper Index:  01.2015-99234327


Title: Maxillary Alveolar Bone Necrosis Associated With Herpes Zoster along Maxillary Nerve - A Rare Case Report with Review

Authors: Dr. Ajaz Shah, Dr. Irshad Ahmad, Dr. Shahid Hassan, Dr. Syed Wakeel, Dr. Mohamad Israr, Dr. Urnaib Riyaz

Paper Index:  01.2015-18688784


Title: Cataract Surgery by Phacoemulsification – Surgical and Visual Outcome with Foldable and Non-Foldable Lenses

Authors: Dr. Chitra Pande, Dr. Lubna Rahman, Dr. Vikas Mahatme, Dr. Nikhilesh Wairagade, Dr. Seema Deshmukh

Paper Index:  01.2015-24228497


Title: Uric Acid Levels in Serum in the Assessment of Some Psychiatric Disorders in India

Authors: Tarannum Fatima Subhani, Md. Abu Nasar, R.P. Gupta, Md. Arif Naseer, Syed Saif Subhani

Paper Index:  01.2015-18354944


Title: Pancreatic Tuberculosis : A Case Report

Authors: Dr.Mahendra Wawhal, Dr.Vajed Mogal, Dr.Vishal Dalvi, Dr.Mahendra Sonawane, Dr. Pratap  Gole, Dr.Sumit Patil

Paper Index:  01.2015-21561755


Title: Dengue in Pregnancy

Authors: Neelakandan Ramya, Sethu Prabhu Shankar

Paper Index:  01.2015-78919855


Title; Specular Microscopic Changes in Corneal Endothelium after Cataract Surgery in different Age Group

Authors: Indu singh, Deepesh Kumar, S.Singh

Paper Index:  01.2015-51372399


Title: Dietary Management Practiced By Subjects Suffering From Chronic Disorders

Authors: Satheesha. N, Sunanda Sharan, Shoba. S

Paper Index:  01.2015-89748457


Title: Parenteral Administration of Organophosphorus Compound- An Unusual Route of Poisoning Presenting With Severe Toxicity

Authors: R. B. Sudagar Singh, K. Vengadakrishnan, J. Damodaran

Paper Index:  01.2015-84224898


Title: Therapy concept for Surgical Uprighting of the Impacted Second Mandibular Molar

Authors: Dr. Benjamin Shlomi, Prof. Dr. Nezar Watted, Dr. Muhamad Abu-Hussein

Paper Index:  01.2015-82965813


Title: Recurrent Dislocation of Patella Due to Dysplastic Patella- A Case Report

Authors: Kurukunda.Venkateswarlu, Dr. D .Rajaiah, P. Siva Babu

Paper Index:  01.2015-81771834


Title: The Association of Obesity and Blood Pressure in Children Studying in Schools in A Rural Area

Authors: Rhea Anna Kurian, John Thomas C, Anna Mathew, Saravanakumar Velusamy

Paper Index:  01.2015-39824744


Title: Pancreatic Pseudocyst: A Surgical Dilemma

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Madhavan Iyengar, Dr. Rahulkumar Chavan, Dr. Abhishek Mahadik, Dr. Urvashi Jain

Paper Index:  01.2015-83589387     


Title: Seroprevalence of HBV among HIV Patients and Blood Donors

Author: Dr. Vedavati B I, Dr. Amrutha Kumari B, Dr. Venkatesha D

Paper Index:  01.2015-76515864


Title: Levels of Upper limit of Oxidative Stress Makers during Normal Pregnancy and Pre-Eclampsia

Authors: Usha Rani D, Mehnaaz Sameera Arifuddin, Mohammed Abdul Hannan Hazari, R. Haragopal, Barra Ram Reddy

Paper Index:  01.2015-29156524


Title: A Comparative Study on Awareness about Immunization in Hindu-Muslim Mothers in a Rural Area, Bankura district, West Bengal

Authors: Dr Samir Kumar Roy, Dr Kusumita Mandal, Dr kamalika Mandal

Paper Index:  01.2015-89167544


Title: A Study of Onychomycoses in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Prof. Dr. Tejashree A, Dr. Raghavendra, Dr. Deepashree R, Dr. Bewin Oral J

Paper Index:  01.2015-97186178


Title: A Study of Determinants of Maternal Mortality in  Distt. Faridkot

Authors: Dr. Nishi Garg, Dr. Seema Grover

Paper Index:  01.2015-79858317


Title: Chitosan In Dentistry

Authors: Kentrick Ang Roymond, Dr. Veronica Aruna kumari

 Paper Index:  01.2015-69916692


Title: Clinical Evaluation Of Patients Presenting With Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

Authors: Dr Rani Sujatha.M.A, Dr Sridevi Prakash T, Dr Sabeeha Nousheen, Dr Aysha Nazlin

Paper Index:  01.2015-81299491


Title: Incidence and Management of Ocular Complications/Manifestations in Leprosy Patients Who Are Attending To a Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Dr. R. Sudha, Dr. N. Suneel, Dr. O. Gopala Krishna, Dr. G.Chandrasekhar

Paper Index:  01.2015-27424172


Title: Pleomorphic Lipoma of Conjunctiva - A Rare Case Report

Authors: Dr.Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Kunche, Dr. VVLN Rao, Dr. M.Rama Koteswaram Rao

Paper Index:  01.2015-57994729


Title: Synchronous Malignancies-Follicular Variant of Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Cricopharynx – A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Rajani.V, Dr. Sunil Kumar Komanapalli

Paper Index:  01.2015-51176569


Title: Review on Physical Characteristics of Urine

Authors: Singh J, Dinkar A, Atam V, Misra R, Shukla A

Paper Index:  01.2015-76367143


Title: Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia,: A Review

Authors: Dr Ansar Hussain, Prof Shiekh Aejaz Aziz, Prof.  Gul Mohd. Bhat, Prof. AR Lone, Dr. HK Imran Hussain

Paper Index:  01.2015-23593232


Title: A Study of Arthroscopic Synovial Biopsy in Chronic Synovitis of Knee Joint

Author: Dr. K.Venkateswalu, Dr. G.Raghunandan, Dr. Anand Babu Naik

Paper Index:  01.2015-69977162


Title: Non-Invasive Vs Invasive Procedures for Detection of H. Pylori Infection in Patients with Gastric Symptoms in Alkharj, Saudi Arabia

Authors: Ibrahim M. Abdel Aziz, Shafquat Qamar, Mohamed M. Shaaban, Sanaa Kamal

Paper Index:  01.2015-65926698


Title: Ultrasound Study in Patients Having Acute Lower Abdominal Pain and In Torsion

Authors: Aruna R. Pawar, Suhas d. Alone

Paper Index:  01.2015-34423195


Title: A Rare Case Of Double Jejunal Transection After Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Authors: Dr. Baldev Singh, Dr. Narinderpal Singh, Dr. Gurbachan Singh, Dr. Sudhir Khichy, Dr. Sanyam Nandwani 

Paper Index:  01.2015-57614927


Title: Estrogen Receptor α and β Status in Hypertensive Postmenopausal Women with Co-morbidities

Authors: Salini A, Jeyanthi GP

Paper Index:  01.2015-68812118


Title: Seroprevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infection (TTI) among Healthy Blood Donor and Their Distribution within Blood Groups-A Study from Kolkata

Authors: Dr Kusumita Mandal, Dr Samir Kumar Roy, Dr Kamalika Mandal

Paper Index:  01.2015-74691331


Title: The Mixed Epethelial Stromal Tumor In Medullary Sponge Kidney - A Rare Case Report

Authors: Dr Patel Bhavin, Dr Bapat Milind, Dr Kumar Santosh, Dr Kashyapi B 

Paper Index:  01.2015-64425857


Title: Clinical Utility of 10% Dextrose Solution as Analgesic after DPT Vaccination and it Comparison with Direct Breastfeeding

Authors: Yogesh Yadav, Kavita Yadav, Mahesh Chand Meena, Mehesh Kumar Goyal

Paper Index:  01.2015-96615267


Title: Locking Intramedullary Nailing For Distal Femoral Fractures

Author: Dr Raghunandan G.

Paper Index:  01.2015-17745887


Title: Determination of Serum Electrolyte Levels in Pregnant Women Observed With Preeclampsia During Pregnancy

Authors: Onochie Anthony, Ekwunoh Peter, Nwabufoh Onyeka, Ozuah Aloysius, Mamah Virginus

Paper Index:  01.2015-94793759


Title: Analysis of Residual Level of Organochlorine Pesticide in Some Food Items in Anambra State

Authors: Onochie Anthony, Nwabufoh Onyeka, Ekwunoh Peter, Mamah Virginus, Ozuah Aloysius

Paper Index:  01.2015-23941638


Title: Is  Surgical  Exposure  of  Scapula  Through  Direct  Lateral  Approach  Preferable ?

Authors: Dr. Dibakar Ray, Dr. Ashoke Kumar Chanda, Dr. Somnath Trikey, Dr. Asik Iqbal, Dr. Writtik Porel, Dr. P.K. Mandal

Paper Index:  01.2015-32259189


Title: Uterine Myxoid Leiomyosarcoma with Paraneoplastic Syndrome- A Rare Combination

Author: Dr. Shubhadeep Bhattacharjee

Paper Index:  01.2015-68628688


Title: Comparison of Optical Coherence Tomography and Ultrasound Biomicroscopy for Detection of Narrow Anterior Chamber Angles

Authors: Dr. Preeti Rawat, Dr.(Prof) U. Srivastava, Dr. Sunil Singhal, Dr. Manushree Gautam,  Dr. Sachin Tammannavar

Paper Index:  01.2015-47932569


Title: Does Shape of a Click Stimuli Play a Role in Transient Otoacoustic Emissions???

Authors: Kaushlendra Kumar, Anshul Arora, Jayashree. S. Bhat, Rashmi A. Pai

Paper Index:  01.2015-38293715


Title: Morbidity Status of Children Aged 7 to 13 Years in an Urban Slum

Authors: Sankhe Lalit R, Chhaya Rajguru, Swapnali Kadam

Paper Index:  01.2015-93767573


Title: Gnatho Dynamic Teeth Arrangement in Complete Denture Prosthesis

Authors: Khurshid A Mattoo, Amit Sivach, Shailesh Jain

Paper Index:  01.2015-12879522


Title: Immediate Overdenture - A Treatment Option for Bone Preservation

Authors: Khurshid A Mattoo, Lakshya Yadav, Shuja U Rahman

Paper Index:  01.2015-13171631


Title: An Enchondroma of The Metacarpal – A Challenging Case

Authors: Dr. Rohan  Khavte, Dr. Yash Shah, Dr. Srinivas Shintre

Paper Index:  01.2015-26881833


Title: Avulsion Fracture Of Anterior Superior Iliac Spine With Meralgia Paraesthetica: A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Vinay Kumar Akka, Dr. Mishil S. Parikh, Dr. Sunil H. Shetty

Paper Index: 01.2015-17654643


Title: Erlotinib Induced Vasculitis

Authors: Dr Ansar Hussain Hakeem, Prof . Shiekh Aejaz Aziz, Prof AR lone, Prof. Gull Mohd. Bhat, Dr. Burhan Wani, Dr. HK. Imran Hussain

Paper Index:  01.2015-85854737


Title: Perinatal Mortality Rate (PMR) in Dhaka National Medical College & Hospital (DNMCH), Bangladesh.

Authors: Dr. Most. Sufia Begum, Dr. Ummul Nusrat Zahan, Dr. Sabiha Sultana, Prof.Dr. Syeda Akhter Jahan

Paper Index:  01.2015-63123211


Title: Antimicrobial Activity of the Leaf and Seed Extracts of Moringa Oleifera on Some Bacteria Isolates

Authors: Mbata Christian A, Adegoke O. Adebayo, Nwagu Chinyere, Dimkpa Cecilia

Paper Index:  01.2015-93341226


Title: Comparative Analysis of Microscopy and Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) for the Laboratory Diagnosis of Malaria among Pregnant Women Attending Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital, Port Harcourt

Authors: Mbata Christian A, Nwagu Chinyere*, Adegoke O.Adebayo

Paper Index:  01.2015-14267127


Title: Patient Perspectives and Symptom Differences in Acute Coronary Syndromes

Authors: Varghese George, Sethu Babu, Kiron V, Iyengar S S

Paper Index:  01.2015-26337771


Title: Rescue Intubation Using a Light Wand (Trachlight) In a Case of Failed Fiberoptic Intubation in a Patient with Bleeding Oral Hemangioma

Authors: Dr Alok Kumar Sahoo, Dr Nibedita Pani

Paper Index: 01.2015-84392688


Title: Management of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis using Hyperosmolar Dextrose Injection

Authors: Ansarul Haq Lone, Omar Khursheed, Shakir Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Mir, Nazeefa

Paper Index:  01.2015-83224253


Title: Intraoperative Hypotension: A Surgeon’s Nightmare

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Madhavan Iyengar, Dr. Rahulkumar Chavan

Paper Index:  01.2015-67416924


Title: Incontinentia Pigmenti with Spastic Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report

Authors: Anand Bhattar, Keya Lahiri, Rajesh Rai, Pallavi Gahlowt

Paper Index:  01.2015-12916163


Title: Alteration of Gene Expression Due to Arsenic Induced Oxidative Stress Leading to Ovarian Cancer

Authors: Akhileshwari Nath, Aseem Kumar Anshu, Priyanka, Simran Kriti, Shailendra Kumar, Rittika Pandey, J.K Singh, Richa Chauhan, Manisha Singh

Paper Index:  01.2015-49395544


Title: Survival Analysis of 250 Gallbladder Cancer Patients: A Prospective Study Over a 2 Year of Period

Authors: Pandey Punam, Singh K.K., Pandey M., Shukla V.K

Paper Index:  01.2015-55626777


Title: Pterygium Excision and Conjunctival Autograft – A Study

Authors: Dr. M. Premanandam, Dr. A. Geetha, Dr. Himabindu

Paper Index:  01.2015-77629342


Title: HIV Serosurveillance Profile In Men Sex Men: Targeted Intervention Group

Authors: N.Premanadham. Maria Sindhura John

Paper Index:  01.2015-75679324


Title: A Comparative Study of Conjunctival Autograft Versus Conjunctival Auto Rotation Flap Techniques Following Pterygium Excision

Authors:  Tanushree V, N. Manjula Devi, H.T.Venkategowda, Tejashree T Chavan

Paper Index:  01.2015-83797967


Title: Mesh Migration Causing Strangulated Intestinal Obstruction After Umbilical Hernia  Repair

Authors: Dr. Abhijit Bagul, Dr. Mahendra Bendre

Paper Index:  01.2015-49749122


Title: Efficacy of Intranasal Steroid Spray in the Treatment of Post Adenoidectomy Recurrence

Authors: Dr. B.V. Chandre Gowda, Dr. Smitha. S.G, Dr. Amrita Suzanne Mathew

Paper Index:  01.2015-75144263

Tab Title 1

Title: A Retrospective Randomized Study of Gastric and Duodenal Perforation in Rajah Muthiah Medical College

Authors: Dr K.Ravichandran, Dr R.Ramesh, Dr K.C.M.Rajkumar

Paper Index:  01.2015-75145896

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