Volume 02 Issue 09 September 2014


Title: Oral Lichenoid Lesions Associated with Silver Amalgam Restorations – A Case Report

Authors: Kumar Shalabh, Sankalp Verma, Khurshid A. Mattoo, Shailesh Jain

Paper Index:  09.2014-48882348 


Title: Ebola: The Deadly Viral Infection Should Hindustan Be Prepared?

Authors: Inder Maurya, Bhavesh Patel, Akansha Das, Shashiprakash Pandey, Premkumar Maurya

Paper Index:  09.2014-26757847 


Title: Role of CT in the Evaluation of Meningitis in Correlation with Clinical and Laboratory Findings

Authors: Dr. B. E. Panil Kumar, Dr. Lalitha Kumari, Dr. Parthasarathi A

Paper Index:  09.2014-73518262 


Title: Incidence of Puberty Menorrhagia- A Case Study in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Authors: Dr. Ummul Nusrat Zahan, Dr.Sufia Begum Shampy, Dr. Syeda Akhter Jahan, Dr. Ferdous Ara Suchi, Dr. G.W.M.Zahidul Hasan

Paper Index:  09.2014-14548997 


Title: Gross and Histopathological Studies of Ovarian Tumors with Special Reference to Sex Cord Stromal Tumours- A Hospital Based Study

Authors: Dr. Ivy Sharma, Dr. Usha Sharma, Dr. U. C. Dutta

Paper Index:  09.2014-53151333 


Title: Insight about Hypertension: How people value it?

Authors: Dr. Manushi Srivastava, Prof. Ratan K. Srivastava, Shalini Yadav, Dr. Mona Srivastava

Paper Index:  009.2014-34657244


Title: Psychosocial Factors Associated with Ankyloglossia – A Clinical Case Report”

Authors: Khurshid Mattoo, Nagaraj K , Anchal Brar

Paper Index:  09.2014-89263194 


Title: Incidence of Chronic Groin Pain in Patients Undergoing Lichtenstein’s Hernioplasty

Authors: Rajesh G Chandnani, Viral Patel, Abhishek Chinya, K N Patki, J K Desai

Paper Index:  09.2014-18288495


Title: Rights of the Blind: Present Status and Additional Requirements

Authors: Ameeta Koul, Parul Singh, Achyut N Pandey, P D Sharma

Paper Index:  09.2014-64718265


Title: Retinoblastoma: An Overview

Authors: Abhishek Singh, Parul Singh, Achyut N. Pandey, Ameeta Koul, P.D.Sharma

Paper Index:  09.2014-93831446 


Title: Primary Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor of Mesentery 

Authors: Jai Kumar Chaurasia, Murad Ahmad, Iqbal Naseem, Kashmi Sharma, Mohammed Naim

Paper Index:  09.2014-22222739


Title: Isolation of Principle Active Compound of Acorus Calamus. In Vivo Assessment of Pharmacological Activity in the Treatment of Neurobiological Disorder (Stress)

Authors: N.Tiwari, A. Mishra, G. Bhatt, A. Chaudhary

Paper Index:  09.2014-81132966


Title: Extra skeletal Ewing’s Sarcoma

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Mahendra Bendre

Paper Index:  09.2014-11624771


Title: Nephrocalcinosis in Renal Tubular Acidosis

Authors: Dr.Vijay Baburao Sonawane, Dr.Snehal Prajapati, Dr.V.Kotrashetti

Paper Index:  09.2014-39634357


Title: Oestrus Ovis External Ophthalmomyiasis Mimicking Acute Conjunctivitis

Authors: Dr Sowmya G. Shivappa, Dr Madhuri Kulkarni, Dr Rajendra

Paper Index:  09.2014-78499356


Title: Relationship between Quadriceps and Femoral Anteversion angles in Patients with Patellofemoral pain Syndrome

Authors: Hamada A. Hamada, Karima A. Hassan, Hossam El-dein F., Yassmin E. Mohamed 

Paper Index:  09.2014-45381172


Title: A Review: Association between Periodontal Disease and Airflow Limitation

Authors: Dr. Ameet Mani, Dr.Babita Pawar, Dr.Richa Patel, Dr.Tushar Bhople, Dr.Shubhangi Mani

Paper Index:  09.2014-53493884


Title: Pleomorphic Adenoma of Soft Palate

Authors: Dr. Anantha laxmi, Dr.Siva Ranjan.D

Paper Index:  09.2014-39244635


Title: Reduced Serum Nitrate In Individuals With Primary Hypertension

Authors: Dr Zaheera Sultana S, Dr Farquana Qushnood, Dr Lakshmi T, Dr Salim A Dhundasi, Dr K K Das

Paper Index:  09.2014-24484767


Title: Bullgore Injury:  A Case Report

Authors: Rajesh Sangram Udgiri, Vija y.N.M, Lohit Naik

Paper Index:  09.2014-53331834


Title: Probiotics: Eat What You Like and Let the Food Fight It Out Inside

AuthorsDr.Ameet Mani, Dr.P.P.Marawar, Dr.Tushar Bhople, Dr.Richa Patel, Dr.Shubhangi Mani

Paper Index:  09.2014-17775684


Title: Primary Actinomycotic Mycetoma of the Hand and Wrist- A Case Report

Authors: Meera Balakrishnan, Radhika Nalliah, V. Sridevi ,C.S.Vijayalakshmi

Paper Index:  09.2014-82141734


Title: The Study of Distribution of Maternal Anaemia in Women Going to Labour with Respect to Gestational Age in Orissa

Authors: Dr.Rajeshwari. K., Dr.Poornima H .N. 

Paper Index:  09.2014-86939524


Title: Flaxseed: Functional Food Components & Therapeutic Role

Authors: Pooja Verma, Sunita Mishra 
Paper Index:  09.2014-24388351


Title: Polysomnographic Profile of Hypertensive Patients with Sleep Related Breathing Disorders-An Observational study

Authors: Sethu Babu, Vargheese George,  Ravindran C, A. 

Paper Index:  09.2014-27327676


Title: The Effectiveness of Progressive Resisted Exercises and Kinesiotaping of Lower Trapezius in Reducing Pain and Disability in Subjects Presenting with Unilateral Neck Pain: A Comparative Study

Authors: Warikoo.D, Roy R.R, Agnihotri.S, Kaul.Bhumika

Paper Index:  09.2014-41914158


Title: Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Parotid Gland

Authors: Sheikh Bilal, Summyia Farooq, Zhahid Hassan, Naila Nazir, Ambreen Beigh

Paper Index:  09.2014-63134941


Title:To Evaluate the Effect of 17 Alpha Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate (17OHPC) as a Maintenance Tocolytic in Preterm Labor

Authors: Asma Nigar, Seema Hakim, Zehra Mohsin

Paper Index:  09.2014-39568264


Title: A Rare Case Report on Pilomatrixoma of the Arm Diagnosed Cytologically

Authors: Dr. Vinny Gupta, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Laxmi Agarwal

Paper Index:  09.2014-73975861


Title: Auditory Evoked Response In Infants With Birth Asphyxia

Authors: Dr. Lakshmi T, Dr. Zaheera Sultana S, Dr. S.V. Brid

Paper Index:  09.2014-34985347


Title: Selecting the Right Cement for Cast Post Core Crowns – A Dental Students Quandary

Authors: Khurshid A. Mattoo, Aditya Kapoor, Amit Sivach

Paper Index:  09.2014-59634156


Title: Primary Splenic Hydatid Cyst-A Rare Case

Authors: Dr Rajkamal Kanojiya, Dr Abhinav Mittal, Dr Raghav Tantia, Dr Shameer Deen, Dr S C Dutt

Paper Index:  09.2014-64338496


Title: A Reversal of Bony Deformities Due to Fluorosis Among Children and Young Adultsin Central India

Authors: Tapas Chakma, Pradeep Meshram, P Vinay Rao, H S Verma

Paper Index:  09.2014-49525836


Title: Heart Failure as the Presenting Manifestation of Noonan Syndrome: A Case Report

Authors: Prabhat Agrawal, Akhilesh K. Singh, Amit Kumar, Ayush Agarwal, Omkar Singh

Paper Index:  09.2014-89179425


Title: Antibiotic Profiles of Bacterial Enteropathogens Associated with Diarrhoea Among HIV Positive and Negative Patients Aged Below Five Years in Western Kenya

Authors: Rono Salinah J, Kakai Rose, Esamai Fabian, Chebore Sheila, Kimutai A

Paper Index:  09.2014-21429851


Title: Life Style Diseases and Its Cure through Yoga Practices

Authors: Dr. Sreekumar. D. Menon, Dr. Manoj. K .A

Paper Index:  09.2014-74788443


Title: Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis: A Review of Literature and Case Report

Authors: Dr.Shahid Hassan, Dr.Aijaz Shah, Dr.Irshad Ahmad, Dr.Shajah, Dr.Wakeel, Dr.Shaista

Paper Index:  10.2014-94895895


Title: Comparison of Efficacy of Myofascial Release and Positional Release Therapy in Tension Type Headache

Authors: Dr.L.Rameshor Singh, Dr. Vivek Chauhan

Paper Index:  10.2014-39375362


Title: Standardization of Egyptian Quality of Life Questionnaire for the Children with Cerebral Palsy

Authors: Mai E. Abbass, Kamal E. Shoukry, Kamilia S. Abd-El Hameed

Paper Index:  10.2014-57478712


Title: Effect of VMO Strengthening on Pain, Strength and Function in Subjects with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: An Experimental Study

Authors: Dr. Tabassum Ali, Dr. Prosenjit Patra

Paper Index:  10.2014-69159778


Title: Comparison of Myofascial Release Technique and Deep Transverse Friction Massage on Pain, Range of Motion and Functional Ability in Subjects with Chronic Bicipital Tendonitis: A Comparative Study

Authors: Dr. Susheesmita Routroy, Dr. Prosenjit Patra

Paper Index:  10.2014-61919653


Title: Case of an Epiphrenic Esophageal Diverticulum; A Rare Cause of Dysphagia

Authors: Dr. Renuka S Melkundi, Dr. Santosh S. Garag, Dr. Vijay G Bidkar, Dr. Roshan Jalisatgi, Dr. Ravi Udgir

 Paper Index:  10.2014-32941577


Title: Rare Case of Jejuno-Gastric Intussusception

Authors: Dr. Vikram R. Wagh, Dr. S.P Matkari

Paper Index:  10.2014-81119159


Title; Low Baseline Score Shows Significant Improvement with Research Methodology Workshop

Authors: Pradeep Kumar, Arun Kumar Yadav, Abhishek Pathak, Amit Kumar

Paper Index:  10.2014-71799968


Title: A Study of New Onset Seizures in Age More Than 40 Years

Authors: Durga Hari Prasad D, Rama Krishna Rao M

Paper Index:  10.2014-53637756


Title: Diagnostic Yield of Conventional Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy in a Resource Limited Setting

Authors: Vishwanath Pujari, Nagsen Ramraje

Paper Index:  10.2014-62471939


Title: Canalicular Adenoma of Palate -A Rare Case and Review

Authors: Shahid Hassan, Ajaz shah, Irshad Ahmed, Lateef Najar, Afreen Nadaf, Syed Wakeel, Shuja, Manzoor

Paper Index:  10.2014-92255497


Title: Malignant Ascites as the First Sign of Breast Cancer – Two Case Reports and Review of Literature

Authors: Sanghamitra Jena, Arnab Gupta

Paper Index:  10.2014-71666154


Title: Literature Review of Electroencephalography

Authors: Thomaslin Veron Atheena.J, Kalaiarasi.A, Dr.Ashok Kumar.L

Paper Index:  10.2014-26619364


Title: Coagulase Activity in Clinical Isolates of Candida

Authors: Dipak Thamke, Vijay Ambade

Paper Index:  10.2014-32668269


Title: Influence of Abnormal GCT with Normal or Impaired OGTT on Neonatal Outcome

Authors: Anupama Suresh Y, Suresh Y V, Achira Chaturvedi

Paper Index:  10.2014-31649856


Title: A Rare Case of Cervical Tuberculosis Mimicking Carcinoma Cervix: A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Reshmy J.R, Prof. Bharati Misra, Dr. Rahul Rai

Paper Index:  10.2014-31839972

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