Volume 02 Issue 12 December 2014


Title: Inter-Spouse Communication and Agreement Regarding Reproductive Intentions and Contraception in Urban Bangalore, India

 Authors: Hajira Saba.I, K.Kishore

Paper Index:  12.2014-22412665


Title: A Prospective Study Of Blunt Abdominal Trauma In A Tertiary Care Center Of Northern India

Authors: Mumtazdin Wani, Muddassir Shahdhar, Shabir Ahmad Mir, Iqbal Rasool, Bilal Yousuf Mir, Hakim Adil Moheen

Paper Index:  12.2014-37543433


Title: Pulmonary Function Tests and Diffusion Capacity in Type 2 Diabetes and Their Possible Correlation with Proteinuria

Authors: Jitendra Singh, Kamlesh K Gupta, D Himanshu, Anju Dinkar, Virendra Atam

Paper Index:  12.2014-64967977


Title: Poroid Hidradenoma: A Rare Tumor

Authors: Dr Hemant Chaudhari, Dr Chetan Rajput

Paper Index:  12.2014-37459579


Title: Variant Antigens Characterize Pathologic Immune Complexes in Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria

Authors: Erick K Mibei, Alloys S.S Orago, Jose A. Stoute, Francis M. Otieno

Paper Index:  12.2014-93552727


Title: Clinico-Serological profile of Acute Sporadic Viral Hepatitis in Kashimiri Adults: Hospital based Prospective Study

Authors: Nisar Ahmad Shah, Showkat A Kadla, Peerzada M Shafi, Ishrat H Dar, Irfan Ali, Samia Rasheed6, Faiz A Kuchay, Nazir Ahmad

Paper Index:  12.2014-77118737


Title: Evaluation of Thoraco Lumbar Fractures of Spine Managed with Pedicle Screw Fixation

Author: Krishnamurthy M.O, Sreenivasulu P.S.B, Bala krishna B, Mahaboob V.S

Paper Index:  12.2014-56933928


Title: Complicated Amoebic Liver Abscess: Which is the Best Therapeutic Option?

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Urvashi Jain, Dr. Madhavan Iyengar 

Paper Index:  12.2014-33566416


Title: Evaluation and Outcome of Management of Intracapsular Neck of Femur Fracture Treated With Cannulated Cancellous Screw Fixation

Authors: Krishnamurthy M.O, Sreenivasulu P.S.B,Srinivas Rao Puli, Aswin kumarP, Mahaboob V.S

Paper Index:  12.2014-21164615


Title: Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukaemia in a Young Child– A Case Report

Authors: Dr Bhubaneswar Saikia, Dr Ivy Sharma, Dr Pakesh Baishya

Paper Index:  12.2014-58866177


Title: Abdominal Manifestations of Dengue

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Jimmy Mirani, Dr. Urvashi Jain

Paper Index:  12.2014-42213988


Title: Mucocele of the Appendix

Authors: Dr. Ketan Vagholkar, Dr. Urvashi Jain, Dr. Abhishek Mahadik, Dr. Madhavan Iyengar

Paper Index:  12.2014-42777923


Title: The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology

Authors: Dr Dharmendra Kumar, Dr Gunja Dwivedi, Dr Sunita Bhargava

Paper Index:  12.2014-45172472


Title: Laterally Displaced Flap – A Case Report

Authors: Balaji VR, Manikandan D, Lavanya V

Paper Index:  12.2014-97515754


Title: A Clinico Radiological Study with Management and Outcome of Head Injury Patients in Bikaner

Authors: Dr. Dinesh Sodhi, Dr. Anand Nagar, Dr. Neelima Arora, Dr. Krishna Veer Singh Choudhary

Paper Index:  12.2014-91377141


Title: A Deadly Combination of Acute Encephalitis and Gastric Hemorrhage in Dengue Fever: A Rare Case

Authors: Jitendra Singh, Anju Dinkar*, Virendra Atam, Ravi Misra, Saurabh Kumar

Paper Index:  12.2014-79824416


Title: A Study of Dactylography and Cheiloscopy Patterns and their Relationship with ABO Blood Groups

Authors: Dr. Pranita R .Viveki, Dr. Kasturi B.Hunshikatti

Paper Index:  12.2014-98311183


Title: A Comparative Study on Prevention of Hypotension after Spinal Anaesthesia in Hysterectomy Cases: Crystalloid (Ringer Lactate Solution) versus Colloid (Haestryl 6%).

Authors: Dr Jaya Dighe, Dr. Pallavi Dole

Paper Index:  12.2014-79129418


Title: Informed Consent – A Moral Obligation

Authors: Dr Pankaj Singal, Dr Shweta Aggarwal

Paper Index:  12.2014-51829346


Title: Long Term Results of Austin-Moore Prosthesis in Fracture Neck of Femur in Indian Context

Authors: Dr Amit Nandan Mishra, Dr Sandhya Mishra, Dr Shakeel Ahmad Qidwai

Paper Index:  12.2014-54684288


Title: Evaluation of Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) for the Outcome of Assisted Reproductive Technique in Infertile Male

Authors: Sahini.C.K, G.Rajalakshmi, Sunil.G.Nayar

Paper Index:  12.2014-55344863


Title: Effect of Heavy Alcohol Consumption on Risk of Prostate Cancer among Middle Aged Men in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Authors: Brown, Holy, Uzoefoh, Ebelechukwu Rosemary

Paper Index:  12.2014-44235388


Title: Pott’s Spondylodiscitis with Gibbus in a 5 Year Old Child – A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Farah Naaz, Dr. R.K.Gulati

Paper Index:  12.2014-15311124


Title: Cytological Diagnosis of Rosai-Dorfman Disease in Region of Neck

Authors: Dr. Dipti Panwar, Dr. Abhishek Anand, Dr. Sunita Bhargava, Dr. Namita Goyal

Paper Index:  12.2014-13199245


Title: Jail Technique for the Fixation of Unicondylar Tibial Plateau Fractures

Authors: Ansarul Haq Lone, Omar Khursheed, Shakir Rashid, Munir Farooq, Naseemul Gani

Paper Index:  12.2014-36621547


Title: Low Frequency Ultrasonic Versus Microcurrent Effect on Tissue Healing After Tendon Suture

Authors: Sahar. M. Adel, Amira H. Draz, Amal. M. Abd El Baky

Paper Index:  12.2014-55397683


Title: Lipoma Like Liposarcoma

Authors: Dr.Pragnya Chigurupati, Dr.Manuneethimaran Thiyagarajan, Dr.Rubina Singh, Dr. Shalinee Rao, Prof.A.Vikram

Paper Index:  12.2014-64491933


Title: Women’s Empowerment and Child Health Outcomes: A Comparative Study between India and Nigeria

Authors: Asabe Ibrahim and Krishna Kumar Pandey

Paper Index:  12.2014-97798286


Title: Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus Infection among Eye Patients – Federal Medical Centre, (FMC), Birni Kebbi, Kebbi State  Experience

Authors: Saka ES, Olatunji FO, Monsudi KF,  Balarabe AH, Qudus BA, Isa A

Paper Index:  12.2014-47446964


Title: Autoamputation of Penis Following A Fournier’s Gangrene – A Rare Occurrence

Authors: Baldev Singh, Nikhil Agrawal, Mohit Singla, Sudhir Khichy, Ashish Kumar

Paper Index:  12.2014-32876311


Title: Prevalence of Visual Impairment among Heavy Vehicle Drivers in Nagpur City

Authors: Dr Vikas Mahatme, Dr. Pallavi Alsi, Dr. Yogesh Jibhakate

Paper Index:  12.2014-18881687


Title: Recurrent Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans on Anterior Abdominal Wall A Case Report and Review of Literature

Authors: Santanu Sarkar, Tamonas Chaudhuri

Paper Index:  12.2014-34311145


Title: A Clinical Study on Distribution of Malignant Lesions on FNAC in a Study Population Attending a Teaching Hospital in North India

Authors: Dr. Irfan Khan, Dr. Mohsin Ul Rasool, Dr. Sajad Hamid, Dr. Imran Khan

Paper Index:  12.2014-88912893


Title; Testicular Lymphoma Presenting As Epididymo-Orchitis - A Rare Case Report

AuthorsDr. Patel Bhavin, Dr. Rao Naresh, Dr. Kumar Santosh, Dr. Bapat SS

Paper Index:  12.2014-48854579


Title: Management of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy in ICU: A Case Report

Authors: Deepika Aggarwal, Suresh Singhal

Paper Index:  12.2014-33392712


Title: Ozone Therapy in Periodontics: A Review

Authors; Dr. Ameet Mani, Dr. Prachi Shukla,Dr. Richa Patel, Dr. Tushar Bhople, Dr. Shubhangi Mani

Paper Index:  12.2014-71554384


Title: Comparative Distribution of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in India -  A 7 Year Study

Authors: Dr Shivanand Gundalli, Dr Rutuja Kolekar, Dr  Kaveri  Pai, Dr Amit Kolekar

Paper Index:  12.2014-49249449


Title: Zygomycosis and Aspergillosis of Rhinomaxillary Region

Authors: Dr. Raghavendra Rao M, Dr.Tejashree A., Dr. Rajeshwari K.G, Dr. Vidyavathi B.Chitharagi, Dr. Madhuri Kulkarni

Paper Index:  12.2014-88634375


Title: Meniscal Injuries with Tibial Plateau Fractures: Role of Arthroscopy

Authors: Ansarul Haq Lone, Omar Khursheed, Shakir Rashid, Munir Farooq, Naseemul Gani

Paper Index:  12.2014-44766953


Title: Teratogenicity of Gabapentin in Mice

Authors: Dr. Md Abu Nasar, Dr. R. P. Gupta, Dr Tarannum Fatima Subhani

Paper Index:  12.2014-16311618


Title: Systemic Blood Pressure Changes In Different Age Group Individualsafter Water Ingestion

Authors: Anitha Lakshmi, Nagaraja Puranik, K F Kammar

Paper Index:  12.2014-17794787


Title: Tuberculosis Of The Gastrointestinal Tract- The Great Mimic - A Rare Case Report

Authors: Balaji Purushotham, Sivakumar Madhu

Paper Index:  12.2014-27489397


Title: Primary Implant Stability, a Factor for Successful Osseointegration

Authors: Dr. Abhishek N Zingade, Dr. Swati Pralhad

Paper Index:  12.2014-25987346


Title: Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Study of Anterior Segment Measurements in Normal Eyes in a Tertiary Care Rural Hospital of SPRR Nellore District

Authors: Dr. R. Sudha*, Dr. P. Prabhanjan Kumar, Dr. O. Gopala Krishna, Dr. G.Chandrasekhar

Paper Index:  12.2014-15218432


Title: Comparison Between Inhibitive Distraction and Intermittent Cervical Traction on Pain and Disability in Patient’s With Non-Specific Neck Pain

Authors: Ranjana Dhinwa, Shaan-E-Mohd

Paper Index:  12.2014-25115272


Title: Comparitive Study between Laparoscopic Hernioplasty and Open Hernioplasty

AuthorsBalaji Purushotham, Sivakumar Madhu

Paper Index:  12.2014-34616862


Title: Misoprostol Alone or In Combination with Mifepristone: The Search for a Safe and Economical Option

Author: Dr. K. Shail, Dr Harleen Grover

Paper Index:  12.2014-45127911


Title: Management of Chronic Subdural Hematoma: A Rural Institutional Experience of 98 Patients

Authors: Vijendra Kumar, Amit Singh, Dheer Singh

Paper Index:  12.2014-24141844


Title: Eosinophilic Enteritis Presenting As Intestinal Obstruction – Report of Two Cases

Authors: Balaji Purushotham, Sivakumar Madhu

Paper Index:  12.2014-69695375


Title: Study on Styloid Process and Its Clinical Implications

Authors: Drakshayini. B. Kokati, Mallikarjun, Usha V

Paper Index:  12.2014-28412367


Title: Schwannoma of Medial Sural Cutaneous Nerve - A Rare Entity in Orthopedics

Authors: Dr. Sonik Bharat Shah, Dr Prakash D Samant, Dr Atul Kharat

Paper Index:  12.2014-41537169


Title: Dental Barotrauma and Barodontalgia

Authors: Pooja S. Rajpal, Geeta Sachdev, Mandavi Waghmare, S. S. Pagare

Paper Index:  12.2014-13996296


Title: Impact of the Serum Homocysteine Levels in Patients of Vascular Dementia

Authors: Shashikala Lamani, N. Surendra Naik, H.L.Vishwanath

Paper Index:  12.2014-36953736


Title: Surgery induced Astigmatism following Nonphaco Manual Small incision Cataract Surgery in relation to different Postoperative period

Author: Pranda Shukla

Paper Index:  12.2014-94929525


Title: Treatment Modalities for Basal Like Breast Cancer

Authors: Dr. Adnan Bashir Bhatti, Dr. Muhammad Usman, Dr.Zarine Anwar Gazali

Paper Index:  12.2014-23288896


Title: Assessment of Tumor Cell Morphology and Peri-Tumoral Stromal Changes in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Authors: Dr Mahima Rakheja, Dr Jasleen Grover, Dr Arunima Chauhan, Dr Mary Mathew, Dr Raghu A R,  Dr Vasudev Guddattu, Dr Monica Charlotte Solomon

Paper Index:  12.2014-21387833


Title: Comparative Study of the Absolute Eosinophil Count between Jeans Washermen and Normal Individuals in Bellary

Authors: Dr Arun Kumar S*, Dr Govindaraj J, Dr Noorjehan Begum, Dr Mohammed Jaffer

Paper Index:  12.2014-95845577


Title: Etiologies and Outcome of Children with Purulent Meningitis at the Pediatric unit at a Tertiary Medical Centre, West Bengal

Authors: Dr. Samir Kumar Roy, Kusumita Mandal, Kamalika Mandal

Paper Index:  12.2014-54516465


Title: Prevalence of Gastroesophageal Reflux in Children

Authors: Mahesh Chand Meena, Yogesh Yadav, Kavita Yadav

Paper Index:  12.2014-59654551

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