Volume 01 Issue 04 November 2013

Title: Breast Cancer in Young Adolescent: University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital 10 Year Experience.

Authors: Dr Fente, Beleudanyo Gbalipre Bm.Bch, Fwacs, Fmcs, Fics*

Dr Gbobo I, Mbbs, Fwacs, Fics**

Breast cancer is an unpredictable disease in the sense that some patients may present with relatively early disease and die of widespread metastases. Young age at the time of diagnosis of breast cancer is an independent factor of poor prognosis

Title: Antioxidant and Hematological Study among Egyptian Thalassemic Children

Authors: Samah A. Bastawy,Mahmoud B. Abd El wahab ,Maha A. Fahmy

Patients with beta thalassemia need repeated blood transfusion for survival which may cause oxidative stress and tissue injury due to iron overload and altered antioxidant enzymes. Our review aiming to study the antioxidant levels changes in Egyptian thalassemic children and recognize either the antioxidant changes is due to associated repeated blood transfusion or due to the disease itself. We also monitor the damage occur by antioxidant on liver functions.

Title : Mucinous Cyst Adenoma Ovary Presenting As Meig Syndrome – A Case Report

Authors: Sandhya Bordia, Madhubala Chauhan, Chandra Mathur

Demon-Meig syndrome in case of adenoma ovary is extremely rare; there is occasional report available in literature of such association. We present a case of adenoma ovary with size and weight that exceeded previously reported parameters and presented with ascitis and right sided hydrothorax. Ascitis and hydrothorax subsided after removal of adenoma ovary. 

Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method proves to be a good modality of microscopic detection of Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) in Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) smears of lymph nodes though has a low sensitivity. It has a potential to become an even more valuable tool if its sensitivity could be increased. Objective: To improve microscopic detection of AFB in FNA cytology of lymph nodes using modified bleach concentration method and compare results with cytomorphological diagnosis and conventional ZN method. Study Design: In 200 patients with clinical suspicion of tuberculosis presenting with lymphadenopathy, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) of the lymph nodes was performed. Smears were processed for routine microscopy and conventional ZN method. The remaining material in needle hub/syringe was rinsed and kept with bleach in accordance with modified bleach method. The significance of bleach method over the conventional ZN method was analyzed. Results: Among the 200 aspirates, 52% (104/200) were indicative of tuberculous lymphadenitis cytomorphologically, conventional ZN method detected AFB in 35.5% (71/200) and the smear positivity increased to 68% (136/200) when modified bleach method was used. Conclusion: Modified bleach method is easy, inexpensive and improves the microscopic detection of AFB significantly. Moreover it is a potent disinfectant 

Title: Clinico- Sono Correlation in First Trimester of Pregnancy by Transvaginal Approach

Authors:  Dr. Deepti Gupta, Dr.Pooja Deodher, Dr.Priti Jain and Dr Moolraj Kural

Pregnancy is the best time of a woman’s life and can be classified into three trimesters .The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial period in pregnancy. During first trimester of pregnancy, a unique and dramatic sequence of events occurs, defining the most critical and tenuous period of human development .Carrying a pregnancy to the second trimester without reassurance of a normal fetus is a traumatic psychological experience for the mother, particularly for one who has had previous mishaps

Title: Anaemia in Pregnancy a Prospective Observational Study in Tertiary Care teaching hospital of North India

Authors: Dr Manisha Chauhan, Dr Saurabh Tomar

Introduction: The aim of this study is to find prevalence of anaemia in specified population in north India and to know various adverse outcomes of anaemia in mother and child. Methods: A prospective observational study done in pregnant women. Results: After comparison with non anaemic and anaemic group we fond that there is 2.5 to 3.5 times increase in LBW, preterm delivery and early neonatal death in anaemic group. As per WHO criteria classification of anaemia and we found 60% of our study population are anaemic. Conclusion: This study conform the recommendations of various previous studies that anaemia is strongly associated with LBW, preterm delivery and early neonatal death.

Keywords: Anemia in Pregnancy, Low birth weight, Prevalence of anaemia in pregnancy.

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