Volume 01 Issue 05 December 2013

Title : Neonatal Mortality Rate in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Gharian Teaching Hospital

Authors : Abdalatif. M .Rajab, Ali. M .Ghareba

The aim of this retrospective study was to determine the incidence and risk factors of neonatal mortality  among cases admitted to SCBU at Gharian Teaching Hospital . The study included all admitted newborn  cases to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) over one year period from January to December 2009, they  were 1267 newborns. Records about Gestational age, sex, birth weight, , mode of delivery, early or late  neonatal deaths, duration of stay, main cause of admission and outcome of patients were taken. Results of  study revealed that: mortality rate among studied newborns was (4.57%) from the total number of admitted  newborns, the higher rate was observed among: premature newborns (70.69 %), cases suffering from  respiratory problems (39.66%), birth asphyxia (25.86%), congenital malformations (20.69%) and also  among artificially ventilated patients (80%). It is concluded that neonatal mortality is quite common at our  SCBU with a rate of (4.57%

Title :The Motivation Buying Behavior Influence The Chinese People Purchase Apple's  Merchandise: A Survey of Apple Store in China 

Authors : Xiong Xin, Zhu Endong 


This article talk about the motivation and buying behavior that influences the young people to buy  Apple‟s product in china. We do a survey of young people who have high interest about Apple in He Nan. This research used quantitative research methodology. We through IBM SPSS Statistics 20 to test the validity of questionnaire. From the results, we get the Apple product attractive characteristics, young people buying behavior and motivation of people has a significant influence in the success of  Apple taken Chinese market. 

Title : The Relationship Between Technology and Financial Development Investigation in China 

Authors : Zhou Wengui 


1-1 Science and technology is the first productive force. Look, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign each progress of human society, and is accompanied by the  progress of science and technology. Especially the rapid development of modern science and technology, for social productivity development and human civilization has opened up a broader space, vigorously promoted the development of economy and society. China's computer, communication, biomedicine, new materials and other high-tech enterprises, the rapid growth of greatly improved the level of industrial technology in China, promoted the industrial, agricultural labor productivity rate increased significantly, effectively lead to the development of the whole national economy. Practice has proved that high and new technology and its industry has become the leading industries in the development of modern economy. 

Title : Role Of Ultrasonography And Computed Tomography In Evaluation Of Blunt Abdominal Trauma 

Authors :  *R. Parthasarathi A, Dr.Gautham M, **Dr. Kishor V H

The Study was conducted to compare the role of ultrasound and computed tomography in patients  presenting with blunt trauma. Patients with blunt trauma abdomen were evaluate with both ultrasonography and computed tomography and there organ injuries were assessed using organ injury scale for both USG and CT and the results were compared and the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasound compared with CT. Positive predictive value and negative predictive value of ultrasound for individual injured organs was calculated. The study was performed from October 2009 to September 2012 on 50 patients with blunt abdominal trauma. Our study shows CT is a superior diagnostic modality in the diagnosis of abdominal trauma. Hence it is imperative that all USG positive cases should be followed by CT abdomen. Similarly CT must also be performed in symptomatic patients with negative USG scans and in patients with suboptimal USG scans. 

Title : Antioxidant/Antidegradative Effects Of Trichopus Zeylanicus Gaertn And Gomphrena Celosioides On Den/Hcb Induced Male Albino Rats 

Authors : A. Meena* V. Elango**


Gomphrena celosioides crude and ethanol extract treatment. Thus the leaf T. zeylanicus and Gomphrena celosioides were found to have antioxidant /antidegradative activity. Trichopus zeylanicus is a plant with adaptogenic properties. This experiment with fourteen groups of rats was designed to evaluate the beneficial properties of T. zeylanicus and Gomphrena celosioides consumption on liver marker enzyme regulation and lipidperoxidation in albino rats in DEN/HCB induced stage. For the study, the male albino rats were divided into seven groups normal, chemical treated and chemical along with the crude and ethanol extract of plants treated groups for each phases,initiation and promotion. The Intraperitonial injection of DEN with one day and 83 days treatment of HCB caused carcinogenesis and the other group had plant treatment up to 90 days. Effects of T. zeylanicus and Gomphrena celosioides consumption on LPO and liver marker enzymes were also evaluated. The plant treatment had remarkable effects on LPO and liver marker enzymes level in the male albino rats. An improvement in lipidperoxidation and liver marker enzymes were observed with lower lipidperoxidation and liver marker enzymes after 90 days of T. zeylanicus and Gomphrena celosioides 


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