Volume 02 Issue 02 Feb 2014

Title: Pattern of Congenital Anomalies in Neonatal Unitin Gharian Teaching Hospital

Authors: Ali. M .Ghareba, Samia. A. Abugella, Hanan. M. Alhadi

Congenital Anomaly is an anomaly that affects a body part or physiologic function and is present at birth.The exact antenatal prevalence of congenital anomalies in Libya is unknown. Early antenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies is crucial for early counseling, intervention and possible fetal therapy. The objective of this study was to evaluate the pattern of congenital anomalies and malformations for all cases were admitted in neonatal care unit in our hospital.This hospital based prospective descriptive study highlights the point pattern of congenital anomalies inone year. The number of congenital anomalies were 73 cases more in males than Female (M: F = 1.5: 1%).The pattern of congenital anomalies included CVS (36.3%), GIT (16.5%), genitourinary (14.3%), musculoskeletal (11%), CNS (6.6%), respiratory (4.4%), etc. In CVS the most common anomalies were ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect and patent ducts. In GIT group, commonly imperforated anus followed by esophageal Artesia. In musculoskeletal group, telipes was most common malformation followed by spinabifida. In CNS, group hydrocephalus was the most common malformation followed by anencephaly and meningomyeleceole.Frequency of congenital anomalies was more in vaginal delivery as compared to cesarean born babies (2.7 % vs. 1.58%). in still born as compared to live born babies (5.5 % vs. 1.5  %) Present study stress upon the importance to carrying out Congenital Anomalies through clinical examination of neonate at birth.

Keywords: Congenital, Abnormalities, Anomalies, NeonateCounseling,Malformation

Title: Intraparenchymal Infected Epidermal Cyst in Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology- An Unusual Finding

 Authors:Mukta Meel1, Sunita Bhargava2Isha Aggarwal3


Epidermal inclusion cysts are ubiquitous in the human  body but rare in thyroid.Epidermal cysts are unilocular and well circumscribed. Epidermal cyst using fine needle  aspirationcytology has been reported from various sites.Howeverpresence of epidermal cyst in thyroid aspirate  has been rarely reported. Here, we report an unusual case in which aspirationcytology revealed presence of epiderml cyst in thyroid withsuperadded infection.

Keywords-- Epidermal cyst, Fine needle aspiration cytology,

Title: Aerobic Bacteriology of Chronic Suppurative  Otitis Media(CSOM) in A Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

Authors: Naz Perween1, Kamlakant1 , Sonal Sehgal1,S Krishna Prakash1

Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a chronic inflammation of the middle ear and mastoid cavity. Clinical features are recurrent otorrhoea through a tympanic perforation, with conductive hearing loss of varying severity. The objective of this cross sectional prospective study was to determine the microbial diversity a of aerobic bacterial isolates among the patients suffering from CSOM. Antimicrobial sensitivity testing for aerobic isolates was carried out by Modified Stokes disc diffusion method on Muller Hinton agar. Results were interpreted in accordance with central laboratory standards institute guidelines. The isolated microbial organism belonged to a myriad array with Staphylococcus aureus being the most predominant organism.(40.2%) with Pseudomonas aeruginosa being the second most common.(29.8%). Continuous and periodic evaluation of microbiological pattern and antibiotic sensitivity of isolates is necessary to decrease the potential risk of complications by early institution of appropriate treatment.

 Keywords: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM),Antimicrobial susceptibility,      Staphylococcus,Pseudomonas     

Title: Primary Non Hodgkin Lymphoma of Liver: A Rare Diagnosis

Authors: Dr Peeyush Varshney, Dr Rajveer Arya, Dr Bhupen Songra

Primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) of liver is a very rare malignancy. Here we report a case of a 50 year old man presented to us with history of pain upper abdomen for last 2 months. A computed tomography of the abdomen revealed enlarged liver with multiple hypodense lesion in 4th segment of liver. Diagnosis of primary NHL liver was made using ultrasound guided FNAC and biopsy.  The patient is currently being treated with a CHOP (cyclophosphamide–doxorubicin–vincristine–prednisolone) regimen. The case has many unique features, including normal liver function tests; no type B symptoms; and negative serology for viruses. The case demonstrates that primary hepatic lymphoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of space-occupying liver lesions in presence of normal levels of alpha-fetoprotein and carcinoembryonic antigen.

Key words: non hodgkin ,liver , lymphoma ,extranodal

Title: Hearing impairment in patients with Chronic Renal Failure

Authors: Sabena Kaipanikal Thankam Sam1, Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam2, Santosh Pai3, Hebin Henry Kallikkadan4


Background: Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) has been reported to occur in association with chronic renal failure (CRF) this has been attributed in inner ear damage resulting from various biochemical and metabolic alterations occurring as a result of CRF. The aim of the study was to study the association of CRF with hearing loss in patients treated either conservatively or with haemodialysis (HD) in comparison with normal healthy volunteers and correlate the various biochemical parameters.

Study design: Prospective cross-sectional study.

Setting: Yenepoya Medical College Hospital, a tertiary referral hospital.

Participants: A total of 120 subjects were enrolled into the study. The study group comprised of 80 patients of whom 40 had CRF and were on conservative management, while 40 were undergoing HD. All patients were evaluated by pure tone audiometry including high frequency testing. Correlation of hearing thresholds (HT’s) with age of patient, duration of the disease and biochemical parameters was carried out.

Results:  SNHL was observed in 75.94% of patients with CRF. Mean HTs were elevated in patients treated both conservatively as well as with HD as compared to controls, particularly in high frequencies. There was no significant correlation between the duration of the disease or biochemical parameters and HT’s.

Conclusion: Moderate to moderately severe SNHL particularly involving high frequencies was observed in majority of the CRF and HD groups irrespective of whether they were treated conservatively or by HD. There was no significant correlation between the duration of the disease or biochemical parameters and HT’s.

Key Words: Chronic renal failure, deafness, sensorineural hearing loss, haemodialysis. 

Title: Perceived Causes of Domestic Violence in Married Women with   Mental Illness & Physical Illness

Authors: Jyoti Srivastava* Indira Sharma** Anuradha Khanna***

Background: Domestic violence against women is the most pervasive human rights violation in the world today.  Violation not only causes physical injury, it also undermines the social, economic, psychological, spiritual and emotional well being of the victim, the perpetrator and the society as a whole. The Objective: To assess the magnitude and causes of domestic violence with mental illness & physical illness. Material & Methods: The sample of study comprised of 30 women with mental illness and 30 women with physical illness. Mental illness patient diagnosed according to with Axis one psychiatric Disorder DSM IV-TR, who were selected from the Psychiatry OPD and ward of the S.S. Hospital, BHU and physical illness patient suffering from mild to moderate physical illness as per ICD 10 (WHO), were be selected from the Obstetrics and Gynaecolgy OPD and ward of S.S Hospital. The patients were assessed on the structured questionnaire on Domestic Violence. Results – Domestic violence was significantly higher amongst the mental & physical illness women of educated up to graduation/post graduation and house maker women. The study found out the overall domestic violence in mental & physical illness group was 83.3% & 50%. The prevalence of verbal violence was 21% in mental illness and 8% in physical illness, economical violence was 17% & 6%, physical violence was 21% and 3% and sexual violence was 10% in mental illness. Perceived cause of domestic violence in married women with mental illness compared to those with physical illness.

Key words: Domestic violence, Married women, Mental illness, Physical illness, Family Violence

Title: A Comparative Study on Some Odontometric Measurements among Adult Egyptian versus Adult Far Eastern Populations Using Multidetector Computed Tomography

Authors: Wafaa Mohamed Elsehly1, Manal Hassan2, Mohamed Emad3 , Zahiah Mohamed4, Rasha Elshinety5, Rania Abd Elmeguid6.

Identification is the recognition of a person based on certain characteristics like age, sex, stature and race which is the most controversial issue that a forensic anthropologist usually faces. Computed tomography (CT) allows effective imaging with three-dimensional reconstruction, also dental examination is broadly used to assist in postmortem identification. The present study aimed to evaluate the odontometric data of adult Egyptian and Far Eastern populations based on CT imaging as to assist in sex and race identification for medicolegal purposes. The study was carried out on 212 adult subjects (100 Egyptians and 112 Far Eastern) of both sexes (above 25 years old).  Multidetector Computed Tomography scans of the skull with Multiplanar reformatting and reconstruction of high quality 3D models were performed. Mesiodistal (MD) widths of permanent right maxillary and mandibular canines as well as intercanine arch widths on both arches were measured. Mandibular and Maxillary canine indices of each subject were calculated. Mean values of Mandibular Canine Index (MCI) and MD dimensions of right mandibular canine were significantly greater in males compared to females in both population samples. There was no significant difference for maxillary canine index between both sexes in both groups. For both sexes, MD width of the mandibular canine showed the greatest racial dimorphism. Discriminate function analysis showed that Far Eastern population sample was classified with better accuracy (75.9%) than Egyptian sample (74%). Egyptian and Far eastern males were classified with better accuracy (92.5%, 92% respectively) than Egyptian and Far Eastern females (75 %, 90% respectively).

Keywords: Egyptian, Far Eastern, ethnicity, race, discrimination, odontometric, Mandibular, Maxillary, Canine.

Title: Reduced Manganese, Selenium and Zinc in Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Subjects in South Western Nigeria

Authors:  1Dolapo P. Oparinde, 2Adetunji S. Oguntola,   3Adeniran S. Atiba*, Olabamiji A Ajose,4 Adekemi A Adeoye5

Background: Micronutrients, dyslipidemia and body mass index (BMI) have been established to be risk factors for breast cancer development.

Aim: To determine the influence of breast cancer on serum Manganese (Mn), Selenium (Se) and Zinc (Zn) level as well as its association with plasma lipid profile.

Materials and Methods: Fasting plasma Total-cholesterol (T-Chol), HDL-cholesterol (HDL-Chol), LDL-cholesterol (LDL-Chol), Triglyceride (Tg) and serum Mn, Se and Zn levels were determined in 50 newly diagnosed breast cancer subjects (NDBC) and 50 age matched mammography screened controls, using commercial kits from Randox laboratory and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric methods respectively. BMI was calculated using Weight (Kg)/Height (m2). Data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using SPSS statistical package version 17.0.

Results: BMI, T-Chol, LDL-Chol and Tg were significantly elevated in NDBC subjects compared with controls, 28.40±4.64kg/m2, 6.19±1.16 (mmol/L), 4.48±1.38 (mmol/L) and 2.62±0.03 (mmol/L) vs 21.71±2.09kg/m2, 4.3±1.17 (mmol/L), 2.06±1.17 (mmol/L) and 2.01±0.19 (mmol/L), p<0.01 respectively. On the contrary, HDL-Chol and serum Mn, Se, and Zinc were significantly lower in NDBC subjects, 0.51±0.30 (mmol/L), 2.18±1.10 µg/dl, 3.76±1.96 µg/dl and 41.96µg/dl vs 1.27±0.11 (mmol/L), 9.38±3.02 µg/dl, 17.24±6.35 µg/dl and 106.18±28.06µg/dl, p<0.01 respectively. BMI, plasma T-Chol, LDL-Chol and Tg demonstrates significant negative correlations with HDL-Chol, Mn, Se, and Zinc, p <0.01 respectively).

Conclusion: A decrease in antioxidative trace metal level (Mn, Se,and Zn) exist in Nigerian subjects with NDBC. Moreover, in view of the significant negative correlations, dyslipidemia and increased BMI may be a strong pointer to reduced antioxidative trace metals in NDBC subjects.

Key words: Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Breast-cancer, Nigerians.


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