Volume 02 Issue 10 October 2014


Title: Influence of Immediate and Long Term Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Combined with Speech Therapy on Post Stroke Non-fluent

Authors: Moshera H. Darwish, Aphasia Mohamed S. El-Tamawy, Hala R. El-Habashy, Sheen I. 

Paper Index:  10.2014-82225847


Title: Masking the Drawbacks of Surgical Closure of Failed Oroantral Fistula Correction with a Partial Denture Prosthesis

Authors: Nishant Gaba, Khurshid A. Mattoo, Amit Sivach

Paper Index:  10.2014-96837264


Title: Comparing the Effect of Two Different Dual Task Training Conditions on Balance and Gait in Elderly

Authors: Money Rajput, Sunil Bhatt

Paper Index:  10.2014-94185685


Title: Effect of Functional Electrical Stimulation on Foot Drop for Patients with Cerebro Vascular Accident

Authors: Saha Sangeeta, Chauhan Vivek, Ingole Gaurav

Paper Index:  10.2014-76553113


Title: To Determine the Efficacy of Neural Mobilization in Reducing Pain and Increasing Functional Ability in Patients with Cervical Radiculopathy

Authors: Bag Soumen, Chauhan Vivek , Ingole Gaurav

Paper Index:  10.2014-73347681


Title: Prosthetic Protection of a Healing Bone Defect Caused as a Result of Chronic Suppurative Osteomyelitis of The Mandible

Authors: Khurshid A Mattoo, Surendra P Singh, Krati Mishra

Paper Index:  10.2014-85832186


Title: Self-Neglect Associated With a Patient Having Oral Cancer

Authors: K Nagaraj, Khurshid A. Mattoo, Anchal Brar

Paper Index:  10.2014-86343786


Title: Clinico-Heamatological Study of Dengue in Adults and the Significance of Total Leukocyte Count in Management of Dengue

Authors: Neelakandan Ramya , Sethu Prabhu Shankar

Paper Index:  10.2014-81389418


Title: Anomalous Cerebral Vasculature and Bilateral Anterior Circulation Stroke: A Case Report

Author: Dr.Srikanth Ramadhenu, Dr.Ravikanth Ramadhenu, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Dr.S.Balasubramaniyan

 Paper Index:  10.2014-39974296


Title: Effect of Coagulation Profile in Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Author: Dr Tazkira Begum, Dr Wasima Jahan, Dr  Rwitusmita Bharali, Dr Syed Md Ibrahim Kabir

Paper Index:  10.2014-41592833


Title: Homicidal Strangulation When Victim Was Under Alcohol Influence – A Case Report

Authors: Rajesh SangramUdgire, Chandrashekar J

Paper Index:  10.2014-41137249


Title: Giant Mesenteric Cyst, Presentation as Acute Appendicitis in Adult: A Rare Case Report

Authors: Dhukiya Ramniwas, Kajla Ramakishna, Dhukiya Saroj, Sinwar Prabhu Daya, Chouhan S.P

Paper Index:  10.2014-65294537


Title: Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Bacterial Isolates in Neonates at a Children Hospital, Nigeria

Authors: Shittu Mujeeb O, Orisadare Olayiwola P, Jikeme Osemeke E, Shittu Bashirat T, Bello Lateef A, Oluremi Adeolu S

Paper Index:  10.2014-11159795


Title: Study of Blood Pressure Changes with Altitude at Shimla

Authors: Dr. Meenu Agarwal, Dr. Narinder Mahajan

Paper Index:  10.2014-63156153


Title: Oral Hygiene Status and Gingivitis Among Undergraduate Dental Students- A Descriptive Survey   

Authors: Dr Mranali K Shetty, Dr Karthik  Shetty, Dr Bijju Thomas, Dr Ramya Shenoy, Dr Shilpa Shetty

Paper Index:  10.2014-73432776


Title: Impact of Marital Status on Mental Health of Working Women

Authors: Mishra Garima, Dr. Kiran U. V.

Paper Index:  10.2014-99174691


Title: A Rare Case of Optic Nerve Schwannoma in Neurofibromatosis

Authors: Dr.P. Rawat, Dr.U.Srivastava, Dr. Sachin Tammannavar, Dr.Narmada Prasad Tiwari, Dr.Neetu Kori

Paper Index:  10.2014-65211345


Title: Encephalotrigeminal Hemangiomatosis: Two Case Report

Authors: Dr. Muthu Kumar.S, Dr. Mohsin Khan, Dr. Mubeen, Dr. Vijayalakshmi. K.R

Paper Index:  10.2014-86484633


Title: Study of Peptic Ulcer Perforation in 80 Cases

Authors:Dr.Jitendra.T.Sankpal,Dr.Vivek.P.Tilwani,Dr.Tushar Walvi, Dr.Vijay Nikale, Dr.Aashish Hatkar

Paper Index:  10.2014-54342232


Title: Right Subcostal Incisional Hernia: A Surgical Challenge

Authors: Dr.Ketan Vagholkar, Dr.Abhijit Budhkar, Dr.Jagruti Gulati

Paper Index:  0.2014-82354194


Title: Study of Blunt Abdominal Trauma-200 Cases

Authors: Dr.Jitendra.T.Sankpal, Dr.Vivek.P.Tilwani, Dr.Manjiri Sankpal, Dr.Tushar Walvi, Dr.Vijay Nikale

Paper Index:  10.2014-16685978


Title: A Randomized Control Study to Find the Efficacy of Pursed Lip Breathing in Lung Volumes and Capacities of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Authors: Dr. Heera Vijayakumar, Dr. P. Vijayakumar

Paper Index:  10.2014-54994426


Title: A Study of Cytological Evaluation of Cervical Lymphadenopathy in Konaseema Region

Authors: Dr Vinay Kumar R, Dr B Rammohan Rao, Dr Epari Sanjeeva Rao

Paper Index:  10.2014-18526127


Title: Evaluation of Culture Methods for Identification of Dermatophytes

Authors: Dr.Rajeshwari K. Gangulappa, Dr.Morubagal Raghavendra Rao, Dr.Tejashree A, Dr.Madhuri Kulkarni, Dr.Ranjitha Shankare Gowda

Paper Index:  0.2014-28979967


Title: Parenteral Organophosphate Poisoning Presenting With Seizure

Authors: Dr Bharath Juluganti, Dr K. Pradeep Reddy, Dr S.Balasubramaniyan

Paper Index:  10.2014-13545111


Title: A Prospective Study of Evaluation of Different Methods of Preoperative Hair Removal and their Relationship to Postoperative Wound Infection

Authors: Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Vinny Gupta, Dr. Kamal Kant

Paper Index:  10.2014-59418562


Title: To Evaluate the Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Extracts and their Efficacy in Disinfecting Gutta Percha Cones Before Obturation- An in Vitro Study

Authors: Dr. Pratima. R  Shenoi, Dr. Elakshi. S  Morey, Dr. Chetana. Makade, Dr. Mohit.K. Gunwal, Dr. Sunay.S. Wanmali

Paper Index:  10.2014-25321392


Title: Application of Theory of Planned Behavior: Intension of Health Care Providers to Initiate Clients for Provider Initiated Counceling and Testing. A Case Study of Gedeo Zone, South Ethiopia

Authors: Yohannes Addisu, Akine Eshete, Prabhanjan Kumar Vata

Paper Index:  11.2014-27667168


Title: Role of Resolvins in Periodontal Inflammation-A Review

Authors: Dr Shilpa Shetty, Dr Mranali K Shetty

Paper Index:  11.2014-42571671


Title: Osteopetrosis A Rare Cause of Anemia - Case Report

Authors: Dr Ujjwala Keskar, Dr Sanjay Natu, Dr Manaskumar Behera

Paper Index:  11.2014-78878135


Title: Socio-Demographic Correlates of Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices among Mothers in Abakaliki Metropolis

Authors: Ominyi, Jude Nweze, Nwodom, Maureen U.

Paper Index:  11.2014-75913825


Title: Chronic Hyperplastic Candidiasis in a Child: A Rare Case Report and Literature Update

Authors: Dr. Asha M.L, Dr. Deepak P, Dr. Anupama Sattigeri, Dr. Jigna V Raja, Dr. Diksha Malhotra

Paper Index:  11.2014-36588732


Title: Behavioural Pattern of Post-Mastectomy Patients Attending Radiotherapy Clinic at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria

Authors: Ominyi, Jude Nweze, Nwedu, Aaron B., Usman Ali, Chidobu Christian. C., Nwodom, Maureen U.

Paper Index:  11.2014-91735326


Title: A Rare Case of Spindle Cell Sarcoma in a Pre-existing Neurofibromatosis- A Case Report

Authors: Sumegha Rana, Jitin Yadav, Babumani Baskey

Paper Index:  11.2014-15714799


Title:  Comparative Study of Various Methods of Fetal Weight Estimation at Term Pregnancy

Authors: Dr Syeda Ayesha Siddiqua, Dr Deepthi, Dr Aarathi Bharath

Paper Index:  11.2014-35161396


Title: Using Maggot Therapy In Treatment Of Wounds: A Review Of Its Effectiveness And Patients’ Experiences

Authors: David A. Agom. Joy D. Agom, Anyigor C.N

Paper Index:  11.2014-65985938


Title: The Truth about Labial Adhesion

Authors: Mahalakshmi.T 

Paper Index:  11.2014-62544487


Title: Melatonin Reduces Cardiac Injury Induced by Lipopolysaccharides in Rats

Authors: Ola M. Tork., Shaimaa N. Amin., Laila A.Rashed.

Paper Index:  11.2014-92317488

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