Volume 3 Issue 07 July 2015


Title: Rapid Identification of Clinically Important Aerobic Microorganisms by Automated Blood Culture System and their Antimicrobial Resistance Pattern at Tertiary Care Hospital at Western Rajasthan India

Authors: Dr. R.S. Parihar, Dr. Ramesh Agrawal, Dr. P.K.Khatri, Dr. Priyanka Soni, Dr. Swati Duggal, Dr. Ritu Dhoundyal

Paper Index: 07.2015-46722632


Title: Efficacy of a Training Module for Self Study of Regional Anatomy of Head and Neck for Undergraduate Students

Authors: Haresh Kumar Perumallapalli, Sushil Kumar, Manish Singh Ahuja

Paper Index: 07.2015-52281949


Title: Impact of Supervised Nutrition Supplementation and Nutrition Education through Child Development Centers (CDC’s) for Improving Preschool Undernutrition in Primary Health Care Setting of Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, Central India

Authors: Nitin N Ambadekar, Vivekanand C Giri, K.Z. Rathod, Sanjay P Zodpey, Sunita P. Bharati

Paper Index: 07.2015-55167411


Title: Wireless ECG monitoring system

Authors: Mrs. M.A. Thatte, Shushobhini Dongare, Ravi Kant Kumar, Sushant Deshmukh

Paper Index: 07.2015-61612861


Title: Factors Affecting the Usability of Mobiles in Healthcare- A Peep into the Indian Scenario

Author: Vertika Verma, Dr DNS Kumar

Paper Index: 07.2015-99763412


Title: Study on Cardiovascular Risk Factors among Tertiary Hospital Employees

Authors: Raja Reddy P, Raveesha A, Madhavi Reddy M, Anil NS

Paper Index: 07.2015-58154339


Title: 21 Cases of Giant Cell Rich Lesions of Bone- Cytologic Analysis of Imprint Smears

Authors: M.C.Savithri, K.P.Kavitha, Elizabath Priya Mathew, Dr. Dominic Puthur
Paper Index: 07.2015-98442262


Title: Upregulation of Peripheral Blood Levels of Immune-Regulatory Interleukin-10 Cytokine in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected Compared to Non-infected Pregnant Women

Authors: Stanslaus K. Musyoki*, Kiprotich Chelimo, Simeon K. Mining, Collins Ouma

Paper Index: 07.2015-87243144


Title: Atypical Stone Man Syndrome: Case Report and Literature Review

Authors: Dr. Maheshwar Lakkireddy, Dr. Prajnya Ranganath, Dr.Vijay Krishna Chilakamarri, Dr. Maria Celestina Vanaja, Dr. Ashwin B Dalal

Paper Index: 07.2015-49151255


Title: Prevalance of Anaemia among Children of Bangalore Rural

Authors: Dr Jaiju James Chakola, Dr Adarsh E, Dr Jenu James Chakola, Dr Ave Maria

Paper Index: 07.2015-74462153


Title: Rhinosporidiosis of Male Urethra Presented with Polypoidal Lesion Along  with Uerethral Fistula Complicating the Treatment Option: Case Report

Authors: Manabendra Naskar, Narendra Nath Mukherjee, Sandip Ghosh, Sukhamoy Saha, Prasenjeet Mondal

Paper Index: 07.2015-82894933


Title: Direct Pulp Capping with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Reattachment of Fractured Fragment Using Ribbond Fibers - A Case Report

Authors: Dr Sadanand S Kulkarni, Dr Hemalatha Hiremath

Paper Index: 07.2015-12282238


Title: Prospective and Retrospective Study of Pattern of Tramadol Overdosed Patients Admitted to Alexandria Main University Hospital

Authors: Wafaa Mohamed El Sehly, Aida Mohey Mohamed Ali, Rania Mahmoud Gomaa, Amr Kamel Abd El Fatah Zaghloul

Paper Index: 07.2015-39367754


Title: Determining Inducible Clindamycin Resistance in Staphylococcus Aureus from Various Clinical Samples by D-Zone test with Special Reference with MRSA

Authors: Sachin Mishra, Shrikant Kogekar, Nilesh Chavan, Swati Chavan

Paper Index: 07.2015-32233427


Title: Osteochondroma – A Rare Entity in Maxillofacial Region

Authors: Dr. Susmitha Rajmohan, Dr. Geeti Vajdi Mitra, Dr. Sarwpriya S.Bajaj

Paper Index: 07.2015-91316338


Title: Inflammation and Its Association with Appetite and Quality of Life of Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis

Authors: N. Vanitha Rani*, S. Kavimani, P. Soundararajan, D. Chamundeeswari, Kannan Gopal

Paper Index: 07.2015-37242154


Title: Knowledge Regarding Cervical Cancer among Women above 35 Years

Author: Mrs. A. Meena

Paper Index: 07.2015-99221982


Title: Clinical Study of Fournier’s Gangrene – Management and Outcome

Authors: Dr Viraj Chandrashekhar Shinde, Dr Jeevan Vitthal Shinde

Paper Index: 07.2015-28914621


Title: A Study of ESBL Uropathogens in A Tertiary Care Hospital with Reference to their Antibiogram

Authors: Nagaram Punith Patak, Kandati Jithendra*, Ponugoti Munilakshmi, Shiva Prasad Reddy Basava, Madhavulu Buchineni, Rama Mohan Pathapati, Venu Gopal Sharma

Paper Index: 07.2015-93333982


Title: Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module on Prevention and Home Management of Diarrheal Diseases among Mothers with under five Children

Author: Dr. N. Sumathi. Ph.D (N)

Paper Index: 07.2015-95658261


Title: Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Parenchyma with Chronic Pyelonephritis – A Rare Case Report

Authors: Dr. Priyanka Kumari, Dr Sunita Bharagava, Dr. Sonal Bhati

Paper Index: 07.2015-65377998


Title: Raised MPV and Thrombocytopenia Common Hematological Parameters as a Prognostic & Diagnostic Tool of Plasmodium Vivex Malaria for Acute Iillness

Authors: Dr. Ramu Thakur, Dr. Karuna Thakur

Paper Index: 07.2015-75847729


Title: Effect of Omega-3 on Intraocular Pressure

Authors: Uloneme G. C*, Ozims S. J., Eberendu, I. F., Akukwu, D., Akogu, A. O.

Paper Index: 07.2015-89716937


Title: Results of Resection of Tumors around Knee with Reconstruction Using Arthrodesis or Endoprosthetic Reconstruction

Authors: Dr. K. Nageshwar Rao, Dr. Vijay K. Chilakamarri, Dr. K.C Sreekanth, Dr .Vaddijayachandra

Paper Index: 07.2015-87656992


Title: Tubercular Recto-Prostatic Fistula: A Rare Entity

Authors: Dr. Raghav Tantia, Dr Nishant Khurana, Dr T.C. Sadasukhi, Dr Devansh Arora

Paper Index: 07.2015-12174921


Title: Study the Association between Erythropoietin Resistance and Polymorphisms in two genes, IL-1B and ACE in Egyptian Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis

Authors: Heba ELshair, Hanan Nomeir,Azhar Mohamed

Paper Index: 07.2015-48524234


Title: Secondary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis: Morphological Findings of Spleen and Bone Marrow with Discussion of Management of an Atypical Case

Authors: Subhash Chandra Jha, Ramesh Prasad Dwivedi, Prakash Chandra Jha

Paper Index: 07.2015-72423438


Title: Frequency of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups: A Study among the donors of Sir.T.Hospital Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Authors: Dr. Bhavin Padhariya, Dr. Bharti Parghi, Dr. Pragnesh Shah

Paper Index: 07.2015-65792471


Title: Prevalence of Perceived Stress and Obesity among Women Before and After Menopause

Authors: Ammu Somanath, Ramesh Bhat.M, Nayanatara A.K, Sheila R Pai

Paper Index: 07.2015-94558163


Title: Abbe’s Flap for Lip Reconstruction –Report of 2 Cases

Authors: Dr. Geeti Vajdi Mitra, Dr. Tejas Motiwale, Dr. Shruti Mehta

Paper Index: 07.2015-57382648


Title: Age and Delay Hospitalization is Most Effective Prognostic Tool for Determination of Outcome for Cerebrovascular Accident Patients

Authors: Dr. Vikas Asati, Dr. Abhilasha Goyal

Paper Index: 07.2015-92583381


Title: Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease: Two Case Reports from North East India

Authors: Dr Sarat Das, Dr Navanita Das, Dr Taufeequl Islam

Paper Index: 07.2015-69582512


Title: Study of Surgical Disease Spectrum in Retro-Virus Infected Patients

Authors: Dr Girish D Bakhshi, Dr Dayanand D Choure, Dr Kavita V Jadhav, Dr Mukund B Tayade, Dr Nimish A Jain, Dr Aniket S Deshmukh

Paper Index: 07.2015-39563199


Title: Surgical Outcome of Composite Cartilage Perichondrial Autogaft (CCPA) in Tympano Mastoid Surgeries

Authors: *Singamsetty Kalyan Kumar, Konatham Bhaskar, Venkatapuram Mahidhar Reddy, Muvvala Vasudha, Bokkasam Haranath, Gouripeddi Sreenivas

Paper Index: 07.2015-11297963


Title: Cockayne Syndrome

Authors: Dr Nita R Sutay, Dr Md Ashfaque Tinmaswala, Dr Manjiri Karlekar, Dr Swati Jha

Paper Index: 07.2015-62693589


Title: Hematological Parameters in Pregnant Women in A Rural Teaching Hospital

Authors: *Prasanthi Cherukuri, Vandhana Gangadharan, Durga Prasad Dommeti

Paper Index: 07.2015-35758161


Title: An Unusual Delayed Complication of Central Venous Cannulation: A Case Report

Authors: Dr. Shubha N. Mohite, Dr. Swati Chhatrapati, Dr. Rochana G. Bakhshi

Paper Index: 07.2015-33492567


Title: Uterine Myoma, Epidemiology, Pathophysiologic, Reproductive, Clinical and Therapeutic

Authors: Vargas-Hernández Víctor Manuel, Tovar-Rodríguez José María, Agustín I Rodríguez Blas, Vargas-Aguilar Víctor Manuel

Paper Index: 07.2015-44331893


Title: Study Comparing Ramosetron, Granisetron and Ondansetron in Laparoscopic Surgeries Under General Anaesthesia

Authors: G. Harinath,  Chandrasekhar Vemula, Radharamana Murthy

Paper Index: 07.2015-35253744


Title: A Clinical Study of Complications of Intraocular Lens Implantation

Authors: Koppolu Sreedhar Reddy*, Venkata Prasanna.D.P

Paper Index: 07.2015-57197913


Title: Study of Prevalence of Obesity and  Hypertension in Adolescent School Children and Risk Factors Associated

Authors: Kalyani Srinivas*, G.Preeti, MD Arif Ahmed

Paper Index: 07.2015-41716119


Title: Correlation between HDL-C and Nitric Oxide in Normal Healthy Population

Authors: Ratna Priya, Uday Kumar, Anand Saran, Rekha Kumari

Paper Index: 07.2015-51657299


Title: Aerobic Bacterial Isolates From Neonatal Septicaemia

Authors: Dr Ravindranath Gangane, Dr. Aditi Garg, Dr. Asharani S

Paper Index: 07.2015-76425246


Title: Fetomaternal Outcome in Pregnancy with Eclampsia in Tertiary Care Hospital

Author: Dr. Pravinkumar Jadav

Paper Index: 07.2015-94122773


Title: Electrophysiological Assessment of Somatic Nerves of Upper Limbs in Diabetics: A Motor Nerve Conduction study

Authors: Neelam B Prasad, Indu K Pisharody, S A Diwanji

Paper Index: 07.2015-96445287


Title: Knowledge on Road Traffic Rules among Adolescence Boys in Salem

Author: Mrs. T. Puvana [N]

Paper Index: 07.2015-16123899


Title: Ice Pack Application on the Level of Pain in Episiotomy Wound

Author: Mrs. S. Parimala [N]

Paper Index: 07.2015-41452133


Title: An Estimation of Hospital Based Incidence of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in Term Newborns and Associated Risk Factors in a North Indian Setting

Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr Mohd. Parvez, Dr Nasir Ansari, Dr Swatantra Kumar, Dr Pooja Kanodia

Paper Index: 07.2015-77715699


Title: Post Operative Infection in Surgical Wards and Factors Influencing the Infection Rate in Tertiary Care Hospital

Authors: Dr. Basawaraj S. Patil, Dr. Asharani S, Dr. Aditi Garg, Dr. Sharanabasava

Paper Index: 07.2015-91993457


Title: Comparative Study of Self-Perceived Subjective Evaluation of Physical, Emotional, Functional Aspect of Swallowing in Subject with Post Cerebrovascular Accident with and Without Dysphagia

Authors: Mr. Shivraj Bhimte, Mr. R Rangasayee

Paper Index: 07.2015-81919262


Title: Rhinosporidiosis of Penile Shaft: A Rare Case Report

Authors: Dr Abhilasha Sharma, Dr Namita Goyal, Dr Sunita Bhargava

Paper Index: 07.2015-86457999


Title: Clinical Study and Management of Parotid Tumours and Complications

Authors: P. Mallikarjun*,Vinay Sagar Cheeti, Kiran Uske

Paper Index: 07.2015-58169291


Title: To Study Awareness Level of Dysphagia and Role of Speech Language Pathologist in Dysphagia Assessment and Management among Nurses

Authors: Mr. Shivraj Bhimte, Mr. R Rangasayee

Paper Index: 07.2015-45861425


Title: Construction and Validation of Hindi Naming Test for Person with Naming Disorder

Authors: Mr. Shivraj Bhimte, Mr. R Rangasayee

Paper Index: 07.2015-52411983


Title: Plasmodium vivax Detected on Anophles punctulatus Using ELISA : A Vector Confirmation Study in Tamraw District, A Remote Area With High Incidence of Malaria, West Papua Province-Indonesia

Authors: Hana Krismawati*, Antonius Oktavian, Semuel Sandy, Jan Lewier

Paper Index: 07.2015-52894682


Title: The Trends of Progesterone Hormone in Advancing Pregnancy of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-infected Women: A Cohort Study in Western Kenya

Authors: Stanslaus K. Musyoki*, Kiprotich Chelimo, Simeon K. Mining, Collins Ouma

Paper Index: 07.2015-77599512


Title: Electrophysiological Changes in Uncontrolled Type-2 Diabetic People with Peripheral Neuropathy

Authors: Dr.Subbarao Goteti*, Dr.Eswara Lakshmi, Mrudula Kambhampati

Paper Index: 07.2015-96518115


Title: Domestic Violence Against Women: Reason For Stay

Authors: Shukla Jyoti, Singh Neetu

Paper Index: 07.2015-51787839


Title: Mild Cognitive Impairment- A Conceptual Study

Authors: Dr. Madhavi P.Mahajan, Dr. A.V.Joshi, Dr. Mahendra P.Warhade

Paper Index: 07.2015-82873853


Title: Metachronous Keratinising Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Skin After Adenocarcinoma of Descending Colon

Authors: Anoop Handa, Mohit Singla, Nirmal Singh

Paper Index: 07.2015-71339289


Title: Study of Day Care Surgery in a Private Charitable Hospital

Authors: Rochana G. Bakhshi, Surekha S. Patil

Paper Index: 07.2015-69669369


Title: The Antibacterial Action of Moringa Olelfera on Some Wound and Enteric Pathogens

Authors: Opara, A.U., Anyanwu, G., Uloneme, G.C

Paper Index: 07.2015-89324784


Title: Isolated Medial Rectus Palsy as a Presentation of Midbrain Infarct

Authors: Dr. Suprabhat Giri, Dr. Namita Mohanty Dr. Shashi Bhusan Sutar

Paper Index: 07.2015-55381378


Title: Crush Smear Cytology: A Rapid Diagnostic Technique in the Intraoperative Diagnosis of CNS Tumours

Authors: Dr Sarat Das, Dr Rajesh Kr Barooah, Dr Ahmed Ali, Dr Shamim Ahmed

Paper Index: 07.2015-38651233


Title: Red Blood Cells Morphological Changes as a Prognostic Tool for Organophosphorus Toxicity Patients

Authors: Dr. O.P.Moorjani, Dr. Amar Gangwani

Paper Index: 07.2015-82412882


Title: Sleep Quality among Elderly Residing at Selected Old Age Home at Chennai

Authors: Mrs. Lisy Joseph, M.Sc (N), Dr. T.V.Ramakrishnan, MD (Anaesthesiology), Mrs. S. Nalini, M.Sc(N) 

Paper Index: 07.2015-63365199


Title: Holmium Laser for Retrieval of Knotted Catheter- A Series of two Unique Cases

Authors: Dr Amit Kolekar, Dr Juned Shaikh, Dr Kaveri Pai, Dr Huma Shaikh

Paper Index: 07.2015-45375953


Title: Acupuncture as Additional Therapy for Modulation of Intraocular Pressure in Patient with Open Angle Glaucoma

Authors: Zizi Mohammed Ibrahim Ali, Siham Mohamed Fahmy

Paper Index: 07.2015-65485973


Title: Effectiveness of Assertiveness Training on Self-Esteem and Assertive Behavior among Adolescents at a Selected School

Authors: Nicholas S, Neelakshi G, Nalini.S

Paper Index: 07.2015-41956912


Title: Study on Awareness of TB, HIV and STD among Young Adults in Colleges of Pondicherry

Authors: K N Prasad, Kalaimani V, Ineyakumaran S D, Ilayaperumal G, Jayaprakash R, Hudson Samuel E

Paper Index: 07.2015-72677921


Title: Trans Nasal Butorphanol for Post Operative Analgesia in Lower Abdominal Laparoscopic Surgeries

Authors: Abhimanyu Singh*G. Kiran Kumar

Paper Index: 07.2015-28524196


Title: Role of αB Crystallin on Serum Amyloid A Fibrils with Systemic Amyloidotic Mice Liver

Authors: Asokan C* and Musthapha I

Paper Index: 07.2015-86625282


Title: Rural-Urban and Gender Differences in Risk Factors for Acute Coronary Syndrome

Authors: Nikhil Govil, Sanjeev Kumar, Savita Kapila, Govind Sharma

Paper Index: 07.2015-62347447


Title: A Rare Case of Brunneroma Presenting as Gastric Perforation with Review of Literature

Authors: Divya Rabindranath, Rana K Sherwani, Kafil Akhtar, Murad Ahmad, Azka Anees Khan, Shehtaj Khan, Senthil P

Paper Index: 07.2015-32673251


Title: Changing Trends of HIV Infection in Children Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital of Karnataka in Last Five Years

Authors: Dr Mariraj Jeer, Dr Sumaira Qayoom Beigh, Dr Rashmi MS, Dr Krishna S

Paper Index: 07.2015-92282932


Title: Swelling of the Parotid - A Rare Case Report of Undisclosed Aetiology

Authors: Sridevi Vijayasankar, Meera Balakrishnan, Vijayalakshmi Chetlur Srinivasan

Paper Index: 07.2015-48817386


Title: Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma With Giant Cell: A Cytological, Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Study of A Rare Differential

Authors: M.A. Muzaffar, Anju Singh, Amod Kumar, Mona Lisa, Subhash Chandra Jha, Shahab Raza

Paper Index: 07.2015-19161268


Title: Role of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in the Pathogenesis of Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy and Effect of its Eradication

Authors: Perihan El Sayed Salem, Fathalla Seidkey Mohamed, Dalia Abd El Moaty El Niely, Tamer Mohamed Yousri Balbaa

Paper Index: 07.2015-34375417


Title: Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patientsin Tertiary care Hospital of Rohelkhand of U.P (Bareilly)

Authors: Mowar AB, Varshney Amit, Sood Tanvi, Nigam P

Paper Index: 07.2015-43194757


Title: Apical Loculated Pleural Effusion: An Interesting Case

Authors: Dr Swapnil Kulkarni, Dr Kapil Iyer, Dr Mahesh Jansari

Paper Index: 07.2015-91822743


Title: Retrograde Urethrography In Urethral Stricture – Is It Still Relevant

Authors: Dr. N.L.N. Moorthy, Dr. V.Sudhakar, Dr. N. Anil Kumar, Dr. D.Mahesh Chander

Paper Index: 07.2015-44553965


Title: Bacteriological Profile and C Reactive Protein Level of Neonatal Septicemia

Authors: Dr. B. Subitha*, Dr. B. Senthil Selvan

Paper Index: 07.2015-62143164


Title: Gigantomastia: A Rare Complication In Pregnancy

Authors: M. Naik, R K Diwakar, Sangita Patre, Subhi Singh

Paper Index: 07.2015-83997147


Title: Sodium Glucose Co-Transporter 2 (SGLT-2) Inhibitors: A Review

Authors: Alok Dixit*, Pinki Pandey, Rakesh Chandra Verma

Paper Index: 07.2015-45457439


Title: Status of Some Hematological and Antioxidant Parameters in SCA Patients of Chhattishgarh Region

Authors: Vikas K. Gupta, Neelima Singh, S.W. Masram, S.K.B. Patil

Paper Index: 07.2015-41268349


Title: Benign, Multicentric, Recurrent and Metastasizing Giant Cell Tumor of Bone: Review of Literature with Role of Immunohistochemistry in Determining Prognosis

Authors: Anshu Jain, Divya Rabindranath, Veena Maheshwari, Azka Anees Khan, Senthil P, Vivek Jain

Paper Index:07.2015-16964766


Title: Psychiatric Morbidity among Chronic Low Backache Patients- A Cross Sectional Study

Authors: Lakshmi Narayana Reddy I, Chinta Kumar, Mamuduru P Srikrishna, Bhaskar Singamsetty

Paper Index: 07.2015-26778755

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